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When was the last time you were agog with excitement?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (36576points) 1 month ago

One of the highlights of my month is the free jazz concert at the Hawaii State Art Museum every second Friday evening. It’s always excellent music.

The Dae Han Ensemble plays, and there is always a top notch guest artist performing with them.

I just found out that this Friday’s special guest is ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro!! I am beyond thrilled!! I’ve wanted to see him perform for years. His artistry is superb. He tours the world playing ukulele. He’s honestly one of the top 5 Hawaiian musicians still living.

And the concert is free!!

I will go early to get a seat.

The venue is lovely. The HiSAM is in what’s called Capitol District No. 1 Building. It sits on the site of the first Royal Hotel. The building itself was the old YMCA. The concerts are done in the Sculpture Garden. It’s a really nice event that I rarely miss.

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Most recently, from really cute cats.

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When I was able to get tickets to The Era’s Tour.

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@tinyfaery Your link is to an article about queerbaiting.

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I’m really excited – or at least happy – tonight. I had a commission for a painting and haven’t painted in about six months. I tackled the subject yesterday and finished it today and I’m really happy with the way it came out. It was a challenge.

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Probably when my son announced that he and his wife were expecting.

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Probably some Christmas or birthday when I was about 6 years old.

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Honestly, I get pumped over the smallest things. I’m practically a kid.

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Ooh! I forgot to answer the actual question. The last thing I got excited about was spotting a family of nine turkeys walking down the sidewalk yesterday.

We pulled the car over to admire them. I also played them some classical music. But they didn’t seem too impressed.

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@raum They prefer a turkey trot.

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Probably in autumn, seeing Hamilton on the stage in Hamburg.

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The night I scored a backpack campsite on a Wisconsin bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. I booked ten months in advance and I was lucky to find availability for the best site at this park. We’re going rain or shine in early September.

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@filmfann I realize you meant that as a joke. (Nyuk!)

But now I’m legitimately listening to turkey trot music on Spotify. (Gobble! Gobble!)

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I recently bought tickets to see On Your Feet (the Gloria Estefan Story). It’s the first time I will be going back into the theatre since covid started. I loved the musical Beautiful (The Carole King story) so I called up my girlfriend who I saw that with to see if she wanted to go with me to see On Your Feet and she gave me back an immediate yes.

I have seen local, smaller, dance productions during the past year, but not any Broadway Tours or anything in the large performing arts venue here, and our theatre is beautiful, and it’s always exciting just to be there let alone whatever show is playing.

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I am agog with excitement because I am going to Paris later this Spring to see my French grandson whom I haven’t seen in 6 years!!

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^I’m so happy for you!

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Edit: “grandsons”

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