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Is fine china safe to use in the microwave?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (36554points) 1 week ago

I’m thinking of plain white with a silver or gold trim. Will the silver or gold trim react to the microwave?

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If it has a metal trim you cannot put it in the microwave.

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I wouldn’t trust it. No metal in a microwave.

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^^ In fact, I would only use that which was made for microwave use. Never use any old plastic either, that’s the worst thing you can do. There are some plastics made for microwaves but I personally am a little Leary of those, just sayin’

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If in doubt keep it out.

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NO metal in the microwave & that little metal trim WILL spark (or it’s not fine china). Plus, I wouldn’t trust the china to not chip or break under the pressure.

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This articles claims it is safe if there is no metal involved . . . but I still wouldn’t, unless it was as an experiment.

Items which aren’t shaped in ways that won’t accumulate heat in certain ways, can be damaged by a microwave, unless they’re otherwise resistant. That article claims fine china is . . . but why risk fine china?

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There is dinnerware with “gold” and “silver” trim that can go in the microwave, it is specifically marked that way, I would not risk the sparks with anything not marked. I don’t know what the metal is made out of on that dinnerware or how they make it safe. I don’t know if there is any “fine china” that falls in this category.

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I saw my elderly aunt reheat an heirloom gold-rimmed teacup in her microwave. It sparked and made zap and fizz noises.

She was thrilled. “Watch this!” she said, and did it again before her daughters could stop her.

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No. It will ruin the china and spark like what @Jeruba said. So unless you want a microwave spark show and ruined china then don’t do it.

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No. Don’t do that.

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I have microwaved china that had metal trim. The sparking blew off bits of trim every time. Sparking eventually stops when the remaining trim is smaller than the wavelength of the microwave emitter. The trim ended up looking like dotted lines.

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