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Why do some people on social media prefer tender meat?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23524points) 1 week ago

I like a nice rack of ribs that I can gnaw on. Also that I can rip with my teeth.

I also like medium well steaks. Also I prefer ribs over sirloin.

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They’re not cavemen? lol Seriously, most people don’t want to fight with there meat and want to be able to chew it easily. Tender is juicier and goes down nicer. But what do I know, I don’t even eat red meat.

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We all have different tastes, whether on social media or not. Ribs are delicious almost any way they’re prepared, as is most red meat. If you’re serving, I’m eating no matter how you prepare. Yummers!

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Bad teeth.

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When I eat ribs I want that meat falling off the bone and melting in my mouth. Chewing forever hurts my jaw and fragile teeth.

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When they were young, my daughters were too lazy to chew. I had to put tofu in our beef stew so that they would get protein in their meal. Picked out the beef to chew on last.

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