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Should I use a domain like, or or will no one remember it?

Asked by jessehattabaugh (492points) September 22nd, 2008

It’s for the site; a Lifestreaming site that I’m trying to rename. Too much like YouTube, or MySpace? Which should I use? Got a better idea?

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I think it’s memorable and clever. Go for it.

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AC, I was sure you were gonna say!

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Wow. I must be slipping.

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Sounds like a viable site name to me. I think that is cool that you were able to make the whole name into the web address.

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Initial reaction, I liked those best (out of the list you gave me).
But on second thought, I’m having the same reaction as you.

Makes me think of YouTube and MySpace.
Still trying to think of a better idea…

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@Nimis that’s not exactly a bad thing is it?

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Hmmm…depends on what you’re going for, I guess?

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Also, I think I’d lean towards instead of
On the off chance that people try to read it as a word,
youstre obviously makes no sense without the am.
But mystre could look like some alt spelling of mystery.
Sounds a little sci-fi. Which, I’m guessing, isn’t what you’re going for exactly.

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it seems to work well for

But a word of advice – always buy a domain name before you ask anyone with a computer if they like the name. I could have bought it up just now. best to spend the $12 on both before you ask.

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Actually, i just looked at the price…$99 a year for just the domain name is pretty pricey.
Hope you’ve got a good revenue plan.

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Fire: I’ve actually had someone ask me what icio meant.
They had thought the del meant from and the us was because we were in the US.
At least they were trying to reason. Too bad they were so off.

Though maybe that is a good thing.
It will weed out the retards who visit your site.
Though, to be fair, this person wasn’t usually that dumb.
I think they just had a brain fart.

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@Nimis – heh

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People use Google to find websites when they’re not sure about the URL, so your PageRank is just as important as your domain name.

Also, Guy Kawasaki has some good advice on choosing a name for your company.

Mulot's avatar have done it a long time before using the domain name, so why not ?

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Those are good names, both. The main thing that will give them value, of course, is what you do with them. Think about it: “fluther” didn’t mean anything until Ben Finkel and Andrew McClain made it mean something.

GA to @fireside for the reminder to register first, ask the wild open web later!

@fireside: is $75 at Network Solutions or GoDaddy

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I like

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I’m torn. I’ve already stated why I think might be a bit problematic.
But the phrase “my stream” is probably better than the phrase “you stream”.

While “my stream” actually exists in our normal vernacular,
the phrase “you stream” is clearly derived from YouTube.
Is there any situation where you would say you [insert noun]?

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@dland – I didn’t even check. offers .com and .net for cheaper so that’s usually my first choice. never bought a european domain before : )

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I see what nimis is saying about the you tube derivative. I posted what I thought on the other thread you had, but if these are the two, I guess I’d go with . I see mystream and I think, like a my urine stream or even the ghostbusters “dont cross the streams”, but hey that’s just me and I’m out there ya know.

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