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A tool for finding SIMILAR websites?

Asked by derning (101points) May 9th, 2008

Can you recommend a website or tool where I can enter a few similar websites (i.e., YouTube and DailyMotion), and it will return a list of results with other similar websites (i.e., MetaCafe, Revver, BrightCove, Veodia, etc.)?

It would be preferable if the grouping was defined semantically by a large group of users, as opposed to a small group of hired editors.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Breefield's avatar will show you websites similar tags…maybe that will work for you?

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Google already does this. When you see search results, there will be a link for “Cached” and “Similar pages” under each entry.

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And Alltop groups similar sites by genre.

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Plus, there’s Google Sets which works for more than just websites.

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In some bookmarking sites, search for your tag name and may be you’ll find similar websites.

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The website lists similar sites in the sidebar for many popular sites.

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