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When you watch a video on your phone/computer or even a TV show, do you react to what's happening on the screen?

Asked by Dig_Dug (4249points) 2 months ago

Like when someone goes under something, do you duck your head as if you are there. Or if someone starts to look over or around a corner, you try to look around it too? I keep doing this and I feel silly and don’t know why I do this.

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You’re just involved in the action. Nothing to worry about. My responses are usually just verbal, like Crap, or Oh shit, or That’s crazy! Usually in response to realty shows I watch like Swamp People. A show about Louisiana alligator hunters. Last night or was an episode where they were out on the swamp on lightening storm. On aluminum boats. I was making a lot of responses like that. Lol

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Can you just imagine how funny that must look to “Big Brother” watching!
You are rather entertaining.

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^^ Oh, gosh I hope they aren’t. lol

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No, I never do what you’re describing. I do sometimes talk either to the character or to the ‘writer’. For example, just recently I was watching Last of Us and got to episode 8 and Joel was fighting his way through the hospital to try to save Ellie and there was somber music and excessive use of slo-mo. It was very emotionally manipulative, trying to convince me that they were going to kill Ellie off.

“Stop it. We both know you don’t have the stones to kill her off! Stop with the obvious attempt at an emotional fake-out!” I yelled at my TV. And I was right. They did NOT have the stones. I hate when shows attempt emotional fake-outs without earning it.

I frequently give the writers constructive criticism as I’m watching. Well…not frequently, but definitely occasionally.

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^^ That and jump scares! Enough with the jump scares already!

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No, but don’t worry some just do it, it’s fine. I may laugh or cry, but not physically react.

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Sometimes. Mainly sudden scares, medical stuff, and people getting hurt.

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@Zaku Whenever there’s a scene and someone cuts themself for a blood sample like their finger. Oh god I feel it and hold my hand like it happened to me. I hate that!

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