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What was the best decade of 20th century and why?

Asked by Koxufoxu (889points) 2 months ago

As a person who was born in this century. I am curious whats in Your opinion the best deace of last century?

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The one where I was a child, and had no responsibilities.

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I had it so good being born in the 70’s with great music, then the 80’s with more great music. Then the 90’s grunge scene was amazing. Hard to pick a best decade but I’d say the 70’s.

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The greatest decade of the 20th century was the 40’s when the world beat back fascist dictatorships and exposed huge crimes against humanity.

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The 1950s building the economy after WWII

Also when I was first in school

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Based on my historical reading perspective, my opinion would have to be the 50’s.
It was a time of post war growth. Idyllic lifestyles and philosophy flourished. Minimal homeless, violence, or turbulence compared to other decades.

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The 50’s was my most innocent decade; however, the 70’s was the most FUN!!! I LOVED the music of the 70’s & I have many fond memories of those years, remember many happy faces although I fail horribly when it comes to remembering the names!!! Funny thing is that I remember a lot of names but they don’t match up with any of the faces that I remember. The 80’s was fun, but definitely doesn’t beat the 70’s. The 90’s sucked BIG time!!!

Deep down, I think that I would have enjoyed the 20’s & 40’s, but I guess that I’ll NEVER know!!!

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I was born in 1951. I kind of missed the 70’s because I was working my ass off trying to get through college and make something of myself. The 80’s were best for me. Has so much fun dating beautiful women, buying reasonably priced houses in San Francisco and running full marathons. I felt indestructible. The music was pretty good too. So many wonderful memories.

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70s and 80s. My youth. Music and movies. Still the BEST.

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70s. Wild and crazy.
80s settling down and havin my babies.

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Also, the music.

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The greatest decade of the 20th century was the 40’s when the world beat back fascist dictatorships and exposed huge crimes against humanity.

I agree that killing fascists is good, but it was also the decade they were strongest.

70–85 million people perished, or about 3% of the 2.3 billion (est.) people on Earth

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The 60’s, civil rights movement, anti war demonstrations, summer of love, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, landing on the moon, Star Trek debut

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For me personally, I’d say it was the 70s. I was a kid, and I had a great childhood.

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80s. Best music, and it’s when I quit school to move on with life.

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