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Has anyone actually used an AK-47 for home defense?

Asked by filmfann (51689points) 2 months ago from iPhone

That’s the number one reason why people say they buy it, but is it ever used that way?

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We have one. As of yet we never had to use it on an intruder, but it’s there just in case need be. It’s kind of like any other type of insurance; there if you need it though you never really want to use it. You have car insurance, that doesn’t mean you will crash your car on purpose, but if a collision happens you’ll be thankful it’s there.

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A lot of Ukrainians do.

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Well I sure hope none of my neighbors never have to use one for their ”insurance” since the range of an AK-47 is over 800 meters (875 ft.)! That’s more than 8 American football fields laid end to end. A little over kill for home defense, but heck why worry about anyone else?!

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From an intruder perspective a BB gun is just as effective as an AK-47 as scaring off intruders. The profile of a BB gun in the dark will do what is needed. If it is a home invasion and they have a gun, they already have the surprise factor and malus. You’d be dead already even if you owned a bazooka.

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The people I know who have them use them for fun. Target practice. I was invited once to join and they let me take some shots. I’ll admit, while scary, it was kind of fun. My friends have handguns for home protection.

I do like how some countries allow you to own one but it must be kept at a facility and locked up. You can only use it at the facility for target practice. There is no reason for citizens to keep these weapons at home.

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Maybe Ruby Ridge or Waco.

Lots of people have them here, especially former military, of which there are many. I’ve shot one but enjoy a slower fire myself, but if free I’d take one for sure. Here in flyover country police dont respond quick enough. We have the Castle laws specifically for those cases.

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@Dig_Dug I love your thought process; however, a football field is 100 Yards…not feet so your worries are less than you thought (just under 3 football fields). Still, I don’t understand the “need” for automatic weapons!!! My dad & Gramps kept us safe & fed with a “single shot” rifle &/or a bow & arrow.

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Sorry @LadyMarissa You’re right I’m not into sports much but yeah that’s still a long way. :)

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^^ I’m NOT into sports at all & my brain kept saying, “it longer than that” & wouldn’t let me stop until I looked it up. It’s still WWWAAAYYY too far & I agree with everything else you’re thinking!!! Have you checked out the news headline tonight. I’m all a twitter (pun intended)!!! :-]

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@KNOWITALL Maybe Ruby Ridge or Waco.

So, only against the government?

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I have a few better options. However. I’d relish owing an actual Kalashnikov. The imitation ones available in most western countries, is not the same weapon. I could buy an SKS easily. But. It wouldn’t be much better…

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A rifle is too long to use adequately within the confines of a home. A pistol is a much better choice.
What is the most deadly gun within it’s range? A shotgun. Sawed off, it’s much better at killing a home intruder than any AR or AK. And it’s range is limited. And, if you’re going to shoot an intruder, you want to kill him. Why? Because a dead man needs no therapy to get better and he can’t testify against you in court.

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Has anyone actually used an AK-47 for home defense?
– Yes

That’s the number one reason why people say they buy it, but is it ever used that way?
– Yes

@Forever_Free I take your point, but to respond to it in factual detail:

From an intruder perspective a BB gun is just as effective as an AK-47 as scaring off intruders.
– Likely, yes

The profile of a BB gun in the dark will do what is needed.
– It might, yes.

If it is a home invasion and they have a gun, they already have the surprise factor and malus.
– Maybe. Maybe not. I have the advantage of knowing my location very well and its sounds, and having thought about tactical scenarios here. If they’re a home invader, they’re probably a bit deranged, and I’m not, so that can be to my advantage, too.

You’d be dead already even if you owned a bazooka.
– A likely possibility, yes. But not a certainty. My tactical analysis suggests that my odds would of survival would actually be quite a bit better if I DID have a weapon of that sort on hand. As kritper mentioned, though, there are other choices which might be more practical in some ways.

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Most people who would attempt to enter/intrude an occupied dwelling are opportunists. They might be poor, drug addicted, mentally unstable, who knows. Organized home invasion is a possible threat, but highly unlikely…

Intruders typically are someone who has been watching an area, and notice weaknesses in security, like open windows, unlocked cars, boxes that contained expensive items in your trash (flat screen TV boxes by your garbage says “rob me, I have nice stuff,”) single person dwellings, seniors, or something low risk/quick reward.
Other times, it’s a person you know. Not a close friend. Buy maybe a neighbor, friend of a friend, or someone who has already been in your dwelling when you were there. Maybe someone who was at a social gathering in your place, and saw some easy pickens…
Whatever the reason is, if you didn’t invite them in, they’re a threat. Being desperate opportunists, they could be a threat to steal, rob, rape, murder. Who knows.
Regardless. Most normal people are outmatched by someone who lives life, in rough circumstances. Even when the “goodguy” has a gun, they have to be able to grab it quickly, get it ready to shoot, and most importantly be ready to shoot.
If it happens. It won’t be like you expect. It’ll be sudden, without much warning and extremely dangerous.
Defensive weapons, are just that. Most people should not own a firearm, with the idea of killing an intruder. If you think there’s something going on, call the police, and stay in the most secure place in your home, or flee. The firearm should only be used as a last resort. When there are no other options.
You can’t have an offensive mindset, in a defensive scenario. The attacker always has the disadvantage. Surprise is an advantage. But. If you play the scenario out correctly, you’ll have the element of surprise by being in an ambush/defensive location. Back to a wall. Firearm ready, but no finger on the trigger. Firing on someone in the dark, isn’t a great idea. You might kill a family member, cop, or someone you didn’t want to hurt.
Keep in mind. If you’re in a confrontation and you pull your knife, you’re now in a knife fight. Ever been in a knife fight? Probably not. The intruder may have. And/or, they have a knife too. Same with guns. Pulling a weapon escalates a situation exponentially. Think.
Gun owners. Have a gun with a light attached? Maybe a laser, or glow in the dark sights? Cool. Now the intruder knows where YOU are. Keep a flashlight with your weapon if in a dwelling. You don’t want you’re only source of light to be attached to your gun. Why? Because you only want to point it at someone you’re comfortable firing on. If you’re in an intruder situation, the cops may already be around if you haven’t already called them. Do you want to be pointing your gun light, at a LEO? Not smart…
Interested in spraying a few rounds around after an intruder? Think about it. First rule of actual engagement should be “be aware of your target “and what’s beyond it.”

Better than an AK-47, is a person who has a good head on their shoulders. Keep your doors, and windows locked at ALL times. Don’t leave garage doors open for long periods of time. Porches and garages, are prime entry ways for intruders, and advertise your lifestyle. Own a dog. Even a small dog makes a great companion, and great alarm system. Be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to whomever is around you when coming or going home.
Don’t paint a target on your back.

And for fuck’s sake. If you have an AK-47, M-4, AR-15, or any semiautomatic rifle, don’t depend on that for protection. I understand owning something like that, but that’s for the apocalypse…
If you feel that you need a weapon to defend yourself, you can buy a steel baseball bat. Think that’s not enough? You’d be surprised…
If you feel you NEED a firearm for protection, get educated on firearms. Make a smart, well researched purchase. Know your weapon as well as possible. Firearms require maintenance, and understanding of basic functionality of each weapon you own. You need to run several hundreds rounds through them. You may realize that your gun, doesn’t cycle certain brands well, or may have issues like failure to fire, or failure to eject. Those are the two worst. If you own a semiautomatic, IT WILL FAIL if you put enough rounds through it. Know the weaknesses of your weapon, and how to safely deal with them. When you hear something go bump in the night, and your pistol fails to chamber those cool defense rounds you bought, that’s the wrong time to try to work on it.
Get a revolver, if you only want a handgun. If you want a one shot solution, get yourself a single shot, or pump action shotgun. You don’t NEED a $600 12 gauge Mossberg 500, with a collapsible stock, heat shield, and expensive self defense shells. You should be able to find an off brand shotty, and a box of 25 shells for under $400.
Don’t want the massive recoil, of a 12 gauge? Go with a 20, or a youth model chambered in 410.

As I’ve mentioned before the pumps are ideal. The sound of racking a pump alone, is enough to send most “badguys” running for their lives.
Whatever you do, make sure you are storing, and handling your firearms safely…

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@filmfann Exactly, and the very reason we can never give them up. I’m sorry but some people believe our government isn’t a threat, and have no idea how many lives, including children here and abroad, that entity has ended. Both Ruby Ridge and Waco were our government being aggressive with American citizens, and women and children were killed.

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@KNOWITALL Locally “the battle of Athens” is an interesting piece of history where armed citizens had to take back their community by force.

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@Blackwater_Park I haven’t heard of that and will definately research this weekend. Thanks!

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@KNOWITALL Why don’t you start your Ruby Ridge and Wacko Waco argument in another thread?

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@Dig_Dug Little girl you are the boss of no one here. Go fix your own country.

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@KNOWITALL Well then since you knowitall why don’t you enlighten us with your infinite knowledge about the Waco incident. You do want us to know the truth don’t you?

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@Dig_Dug No, I honestly could care less what a non-American thinks about Waco.

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^^ Nice cop-out! Typical republican response.

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@Dig_Dug If you have Netflix wherever you are, there’s a decent docuseries on Waco.

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@Zaku Can you cite one incident?

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No, of course not.

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@MrGrimm888 Excellent summary! That should be required reading for everyone!

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