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Why would a man make a suggestion to see you but make up excuses?

Asked by honeybun35 (976points) April 23rd, 2023

This is an old friend from the 90s we talk almost everyday since Facebook 2010. He gets mad when I don’t text him and ask if I will come see him. When the time comes he plays games

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I would think that he is insecure. Or is a scammer, who doesn’t want you to see his/her face.

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But he is an old friend so I already know him.

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I wouldn’t talk to him or text with him or private message with him any more. He’s flaky and can’t be trusted to be reliable.

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@honeybun35 oh ok. Ok it’s out of your control what people think. Unless you ask him?

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My wife ran into that before I met her. She had guys ask her for dates, she would give them her number and they would never call. Personally I’m glad they were shy or insecure. She was still available when I met her!

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The thing I don’t get he’s an old friend. Why would he go out his way. I had stopped texting him and he wanted to know why. He suggested us meeting not even me. Did he just want attention?

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I am always direct. I am polite, but I tell people how I experience their behavior, and how it makes me feel. If they’re not up to being honest, I don’t want them in my life.

Stop asking us and ask him. He’s the only person who can tell you why he does what he does.

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Don’t you think I did that. People always say just ask the person . Evidently he’s not being honest.

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I wouldn’t bother asking him. I wouldn’t give him a second thought. He’s unreliable and you can only change yourself, not him, so let it go. Stop trying to figure it out. Maybe he’s stupid, maybe he’s crazy, maybe he likes attention, maybe who knows, the possibilities are endless. Who cares. He’s a total waste of your time.

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@honeybun35 so now that you know, that’s when you block their phone number, etc. Don’t answer their messages. Move on. Your time and energy is bettered used elsewhere.

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Might I just say, with the number of similar questions you ask here, you waste a lot of time on losers. As you would ask us…why do you do that?

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Maybe he was looking to abduct and hurt you, but he changed his mind at the last minute… You never know when you talk to men on the internet…

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I didn’t meet him on the internet I’ve known him since 91 and was with him when we were young

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