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San Francisco Restaurant Review Site?

Asked by rawpixels (2668points) September 23rd, 2008

Someone posted a link a while back to a great site that reviewed San Francisco restaurants. For the life of me, I can’t find that link again. If anyone knows a great restaurant review site for SF, please post it. Gracias!

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Are a few others. Enjoy some good eats.

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Personally, my favorite for the Bay Area is Chowhound.

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Thanks, all! I’ll be getting into San Francisco about 11:30PM on a Saturday night. Would anyone know a good place to get a bite to eat or some drinks late at night? I’ll be staying near the Embarcadero. Any places that are open late would be appreciated!

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What part of? It will change from walking a few blocks to having to take a taxi.

There are plenty of spots in that area as SF has a great night life.

If your staying at a hotel they should be able to refer you to some nice spots.

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I’m staying at Club Quarters, which is on Clay St.

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For late night food, nothing beats El Farolito.

For food and drinks, I recommend the inimitable, unforgettable, legendary Zeitgeist.

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Thank you very much!

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