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Which restaurants in SF are open on Christmas?

Asked by emilyrose (2272points) December 20th, 2009

Just wondering since I’m in town.

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Ones affiliated with nice hotels usually are, but you need to get reservations NOW!!! look on

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Ame SF – SOMA Contemporary American $$$
Americano Restaurant – Hotel Vitale SF – Financial Dist/Embarc California $$$
ANZU SF – Downtown/Union Sq Steak $$$
Ararat SF – Castro/ Noe/ Mission Mediterranean $$
Asia de Cuba – San Francisco SF – Downtown/Union Sq Asian $$$
Bistro Boudin SF – Fisherman’s Wharf American $$
Bobo’s SF – Marina Steak $$$
Cafe de la Presse SF – Downtown/Union Sq French $$
Campton Place SF – Downtown/Union Sq California $$$$
Chic’s Seafood SF – Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood $$
Daily Grill – San Francisco SF – Downtown/Union Sq American $$
Figaro Ristorante Italiano SF – North Beach Italian $$
Fior d’Italia SF – North Beach Italian $$
Franciscan Crab Restaurant SF – Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood $$$
Hyde Street Bistro SF – Russian Hill French $$
Iluna Basque SF – North Beach French $$
La Scene – Warwick Regis Hotel San Francisco SF – Downtown/Union Sq California $$$
L’Olivier SF – Financial Dist/Embarc French $$$
Maharani SF – Civic Center/Van Ness Indian $$
Malacca SF – Castro/ Noe/ Mission Asian $$
Pacific Restaurant SF – Downtown/Union Sq California $$$
Park Grill – Le Meridien San Francisco SF – Financial Dist/Embarc California $$$
Restaurant Seven Fifty SF – Financial Dist/Embarc Mediterranean $$$
The Oak Room – The Westin St. Francis SF – Downtown/Union Sq American $$
The Stinking Rose – SF SF – North Beach California $$$
Vignette SF – Downtown/Union Sq American $$ Zingari Ristorante SF – Downtown/Union Sq Italian $$
- and
and McCormick (very good) and Kuleto’sThe Stinking Rose is for garlic lovers

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A lot of Chinese restaurants often are, but you should call to confirm.

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@Judi – the site is down at the moment.

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It’s back up now!

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@Violet : do you know if the Chinese restaurants around SF are open? In NY that’s the best type of place to go on xmas…

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Yeah I’m looking more for a place like chinese, thai or sushi that would deliver….

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@emilyrose : are you new to the city? there is a new thai place downtown that is pretty sweet, but they don’t delivery – yet (I may have begged a little bit the other day!). If you’re interested, it’s called Chabaa and their new location is at 420 Geary @ Mason, first location is 2123 Irving St.

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@Samantha_Rae : Thanks! I am not new to the city but I AM new to not cooking on xmas but the idea of not having to do too many dishes is appealing : ) I will look into the thai thing. Would be so fun to have a yummy curry on xmas!

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@emilyrose : if you go to this place, the Panaeng Curry (number 26) was the first curry dish I’ve ever had, and it was amazing. Everyone I was with loved the Pad Gra Pow (number 18) with pork :) have a great xmas!

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@Samantha_Rae – I have no idea, did you try the website, opentable?

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@Violet : nope not yet! I will though! thanks :)

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