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Any awesome salads in the Mission in San Francisco?

Asked by ben (8568points) February 28th, 2007
After going to Cafe Intermezzo for the first time in Berkeley, I'm hunting for something similar near my office in the Mission (20th and Mission). I know there's probably nothing quite like it, but can anyone recommend a place around here to get a huge, awesome salad?
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I don't know about salad, but Atlas Cafe on 20th and Alabama has ridiculously good veggie sandwiches (the yam sandwich is the best, the tofu-seaweed sandwich is not bad). But if anyone knows where to get a huge intermezzo-style salad in the mission, I also want to know!
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This is probably farther than you want to walk, but you could definitely easily bike to Savor in Noe Valley, on 24th near Sanchez. My favorite salad has chicken in it (and I don't know if you eat meat) but if you do it's called the Bankok chicken salad, and it's got grilled chicken with curry, and peanuts and onions and a great dressing on a huge bed of lettuce. There's also a veggie salad that's great with goat cheese and either baked apples or pears and nuts.
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Also, this isn't a green salad, but if you like delicious healthy veggie food in the Mission, try the soba noodle veggie salad at Cha-Ya on Valencia (and 20th?).
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what about cafe gratitude? 19th ish and Harrison? (ps how hilarious is this, looking at who answered the questions???) HA HA!

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Baby Blues BBQ on Mission after Caesar Chavez. They have an awesome smoked salmon salad. They also have some with meat or shrimp.

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