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Which is more difficult to dispense: packing tape, or kitchen cellophane?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) May 7th, 2023 from iPhone

Bonus: what percentage is the minimum per unit wasted by you as the end user on average.

What else do you struggle at dispensing but also find essential?

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I’ve never heard of kitchen cellophane. I’ve heard of kitchen plastic wrap, but cellophane and plastic are not at all the same thing. So, are you actually asking about plastic wrap? If so, yes, some brands of plastic wrap are hard to dispense, purely because of the tear strip being on the flimsy edge of the top rather than on the strong edge of the box. I now buy a brand that has a sliding cutter….much better. I have to say I don’t find plastic wrap “essential” though. I use very little of it.

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For me the kitchen cellophane. In my job I work work daily with packing tape so irs no big deal, really.

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I wonder if the quality of the product matters? We use brand name for these two types and rarely have any issue.

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Packing tape is easier for me, but I usually use it to just close up boxes. Kitchen plastic wrap I quit buying it is indeed a pain.

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Packing tape, assuming by kitchen celophane, you mean Scotch Tape, as purchased at The Scotch Boutique. If you mean plastic wrap like “Saran Wrap”, then packing tape.

I don’t know my percentages, but when I use them, I try my best.

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Kitchen wrap (saran wrap) is slightly more difficult, both are annoying.

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I despise the cellophane!!! Not a great fan of packing tape either, but it beats cellophane by a mile. Due to my unique situation, I have to deal with both of those one-handed. They start clinging to themselves even before I start dispensing them. Next in line is aluminum foil. The foil itself isn’t so bad, but getting it dispensed from the box one-handed is a royal pain in the rear!!! I often have to use scissors to cut any of them because the provided cutter doesn’t work too well one-handed. I keep hearing that they come with a zip self cutter, but I’ve not found that available at my local store.

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Package tape is the worst!

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both are fine. I rarely waste any of either. Not sure what all the concern is. I can even chew gum while doing it.

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Kitchen plastic wrap for me. When ( I think ) the cheaper brand easily gets skewed when being pulled out and just refuses to come out straight. Bringing the tube out to fix it doesn’t work as the brand is thinner and breaks easily. Impossible to find the edge too!

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Definitely the cellophane / plastic wrap / Saran wrap. I won’t even buy the stuff. In fact, I use as little aluminum foil as possible because I don’t want to be wasteful. I now put leftovers in tupperware type dishes. I would rather wash those dishes then waste a bunch of aluminum foil, and especially regarding how expensive everything is nowadays.

But I never had any use for any of the plastic wraps. It really doesn’t stay on that well and it’s a pain in the butt to get off the roller. Packing tape I don’t have a problem with, and I can honestly say that after having moved less than a year ago. The main thing is to make sure you have one of those dispensers with the blade that you can rest the tape on in between tearing off pieces.

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I learned how to master both.
HI YA!!!!

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I use packing tape al lthe time, without the tape gun thing. I have no problem finding the end of the roll. I cut it with scissors. I find it so helpful that I often take a roll on vacation with me, because it’s really great for sealing boxes if I want to box something that doesn’t fit in the suitcase. I use it in the kitchen for sealing the bag of coffee. All kinds of things, it’s useful for.

I don’t use Saran Wrap or any cling film like that. I use tin foil or I put stuff in containers. I have rubber bands in the kitchen for things that might pop open, like frozen stuff in the freezer or stuff like that.

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