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Is the music used in openings made for the anime or it is an original song?

Asked by yaujj48 (1189points) May 9th, 2023

I noticed that in Bleach, there are some openings and endings music that are used before the release date of the song.

For example:
* Asterisk by Orange Range (Released in 23rd February 2005 but first used opening in 5th October 2004)
* D-tecnoLife by Uverworld (Released in 6th July 2005 but first used opening in 5th April 2005)
* Thank You by Home Made Kazoku (Released in 11th January 2005 but first used opening in 26th January 2005)
* (Non Anime Example) Sleepwalking by The Chain Gang of 1974 (Released in 26th September 2013 but used in GTA V trailer in 29th August 2013)

From these dates, I can think of two conclusion, either the artist made the songs for the anime or the artist use the anime to promote their songs. Which is the correct answer?

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Interesting question.
According to this, the studios, who are also often affiliated with a record label, make a list of unfinished songs to choose from.
It seems that songs are usually not specifically made for the show, but they are not using already existing (as in ‘finished products’) ones, either.
There are exceptions of course. Cyberpunk Edgerunners used a song by Franz Ferdinand, though that show was a Polish-Japanese co-production.

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You should think of anime like movies. Sometimes they will use an existing piece that fits what they want and sometimes they will commission artists to write music specifically for them.

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@Lightlyseared That is true. Then how do I know the song in question play for specific purpose?

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