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Are you addicted to the internet?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24455points) May 9th, 2023

I just watched the 10 minute YouTube video “the slow poison of endless fantasy”, by the After Skool channel, and I wonder if they have a point?

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Overall, I’d say no. If anything, I’m more apt to get caught up playing a game on my phone. I do have times when I go on social media way too much and then I have to tell myself to get off, but less and less do I have this problem.

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No. I’m more addicted to novelty. I’m hook onto anything new. The Internet is just among them.

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Not sure about addicted, but it obviously is a big part of my life my life will be majorly affected if it went away. I use GPS for work. Use social media a lot for my childrens programs as well as art. Will play Wordle daily as well as other games. Using Fluther right now as I type. So, yeah, I can live without internet, but honestly wouldn’t want to though I’m really not saying it’s an addiction, just something incorporated into my day to day.

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Nope. Too much else in this world to enjoy.

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In this regard, I don’t know what the definition of addicted would be, but I find the internet very useful. I often google things, I use Waze for directions, I use some apps like Shazam, not a lot but it’s helpful. At home, I’m googling things, like restaurant reviews, plus there’s online news like the NY Times and the New Yorker magazine. I guess in this regard, addicted means it would be a painful withdrawal if I didn’t have it and it would definitely be difficult not being able to google things.

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No.. Addiction is using something to the detriment of all other life functions.

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I’d get withdrawal symtoms if I had to do without it. I use it for banking, news, social interaction, puzzles, games, films, music, lectures, television and many other things, so I probably am addicted but in a good way.

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