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How to get low mortgage payment when buying a home?

Asked by honeybun35 (846points) May 10th, 2023

In the process of looking for a home. I need to be able to eat. Mortgages are like rent now.

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Make the highest down payment that you can. That will lower the principal and therefore lower the minimum monthly payment.

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See if you can get a 40 year mortgage instead of a 30 year, that will help some.

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Bad time for house buying. Rates are still too high. You’re going to have issues finding an affordable mortgage.

DO NOT GET an adjustable mortgage. They will come back and bite you.

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Shop around. There are a number of factors that go into the mortgage rate you can get including what the minimum is for loaning money at the time as well as how your credit looks and how much of a down payment you have and length of the mortgage. And I agree with @elbanditoroso about the adjustable mortgages. Avoid them entirely.

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Look for first time buyer mortgage rates. They are usually cheaper and you don’t always have to have a down payment on those loans.

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Have the right skin color.

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Buy a smaller home that could use some work and put in some sweat-equity to make it how you want. Things to really think about in terms of value are things that won’t really change like: location (good schools, commute time to the main center of the city/town, proximity to airports/train tracks/power lines) or the basic structure of the house. There will ALWAYS be demand for simple, freestanding affordable homes near good schools.

The suggestions above are also very good.

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Well, this is the worst possible time to buy a home. My advice is to wait. Save, save, save and wait. You should have 20% down and be able to comfortably afford to make the payments on a 15 year fixed interest loan. If you can’t do that, you likely can’t afford the house. Adjust your expectations accordingly. If you take a 30 year loan plan on making the extra payments like it is a 15 year loan. If you’re not disciplined enough to do that take a 15. Do not get a 30+ year term loan, don’t. It’s a rip off. First time buyer rates don’t really exist anymore and try to get your loan from a credit union and not a mortgage broker. Get a conventional loan. Zero down, 80/15/5 loans or any mention of a “balloon” run away. Do not get an adjustable rate mortgage. It’s also generally a rip off.
As far as your rate is concerned, shop around and keep your credit score up. Not much more you can do.

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I sold my home I have money from proceeds. That’s why I am trying now

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