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Have you, or anyone you know, ever worked for McDonald's?

Asked by Acrylic (3358points) May 10th, 2023

I just played a trivia game where they asked how many Americans worked for McDonald’s at any point in their life. I assume they meant restaurant or corporate level, and the answer was 1 in 8. I think I’ve known just one person who ever worked there (restaurant employee) but not 1pp

100% sure as most employees stay under a year, are generally younger, and it may not come up casually some decades later. Have you, or anyone you know, ever worked there for any amount of time? While the trivia question specified Americans, non-Americans are more than welcome to chime in.

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I’ve known a few people but not I. I chose chinese restaurants, mostly because I hated the McDonald’s ugly uniform. Ha!

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When I was a kid, a distant cousin was a restaurant manager for a while. It was nice because he’d give us bags of Happy Meal toys.

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My neighbor did and she was in her 50’s. She worked there a few years, the early shift like 5 in the morning. Also my friend’s son did, when he was in high school. I think he liked it – it was not a bad job for a high school kid.

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I did, for a short time. The manager was a terrible communicator and a challenge to work with. I didn’t last long.

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I did for a little over an hour. I stayed to get an intro speech and watched a video, then I was outta there! LOL A few weeks later I got a check for the time I ‘worked’.

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Yes, a few. A fraternity brother lived in Illinois before moving to California. When he was in high school he went to Hamburger U. He was part of the team that created the Egg McMuffin in Santa Barbara.

Another high school friend was a manager by the summer after high school.

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40 years ago knew the family that owned/managed three MickyDs in southern New England.

Went to high school with three people that worked at Mickey’s too.

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A variety of my friends and relatives have.

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My one sister worked at Chick-fil-A for a little bit and I had a friend that worked at Wendy’s for a bit, but I don’t know of anybody in my circle who ever worked at McDonald’s. I know when I was looking for a job my senior year, I was determined not to work in fast food. I did not want to be preparing other people’s food. I didn’t even like to cook myself! I decided to get a job at a grocery store which ended up being a great decision because they had a union and we got regular raises and were guaranteed vacation time. We also started higher than the minimum wage, no doubt because we were in a union.

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I haven’t, but I know at least one friend who has.

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@LifeQuestioner I also worked at a union grocery store on my way early 20s. I hated the job. First was a cart pusher, then a bottle sorter, then finally a cashier. The store had a coffee/snack shop there ran by an outside renter. One day they ran out of cooking oil and sent a young, 18 year old high school student who worked there to get the oil. She checked out in my line. That’s how we met. Next month we’re celebrating being married 30 years. Take what you want from this story.

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@Acrylic sadly, I did not meet my future spouse at my job. But it sounds like I probably had a better job experience than you did. I started as a cashier then was promoted to customer service. From there I was promoted to the pricing department and I worked at the company for 17 years.

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My aunt was manager at the historic one in Downey, CA for many years. She got laid off when a franchise McD opened up 2 blocks away and took away half their business.

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