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Are you ok with people putting a knife back in the butter?

Asked by JLeslie (65076points) May 10th, 2023 from iPhone

Putting a knife in the butter after you have already used the knife to spread some butter on bread. I’m not asking about mouth germs, not asking if the bread was partly eaten, just asking about bread and butter in your house and when there is still butter leftover that will be going back into the fridge.

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So, do you mean buttering your bread and wiping the remaining butter back in the dish?
Or do you mean getting butter, wiping on the bread, putting said knife back in butter to get more?
Or, do you mean something else?

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It likely won’t pass, but I’ve no problem with that. We have a national/state many other things. Besides, if it passes, you’d not be oblifate6yo buy one no more than residents of Illinois are required to plant a white oak tree on their private property.

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@Acrylic I think you have the wrong question.

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@chyna Probably. Glasses not working today it seems. Besides. I’m the only one in my house that eats butter. Yummers!

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That is the reason there is a “Butter Knife” !

I have three of these

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Use the butter knife to put the butter on the plate, not on the bread / biscuit !

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I’d do it at home, but not anywhere else. Doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.
There may be a bread crumb in the butter, though.

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@chyna Spread the butter on your bread and then use the same knife to get more butter for another piece of toast, or maybe you didn’t get enough butter the first time for your one piece of toast.

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@JLeslie I can’t even imagine what the problem with that would be. What – are you supposed to get another knife dirty if you need more butter?

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Yes, i would use the same knife and not think twice about it.

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@janbb The etiquette when dining with others would say that you are supposed to put butter on your plate and use that butter, but at home I assume most people use the same knife to get more butter. I don’t do it, but my husband does, and I’m using the same butter as him. Lol. I do get another knife dirty, but it’s rare I need to. I take enough butter initially. I don’t use a lot of butter so it doesn’t come up much.

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^^ Oh sure, at a restaurant meal with others, I would put butter on my plate and use that, but at home, never. But even at a restaurant, if I then needed more butter, I would use the same knife.

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Just a fun fact. Some restaurants use liquid butter, and a paint brush to butter toast.

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In our house, we always buttered the bread before we took a bite out of it.

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Yes. It’s a butter knife.

I also do not refrigerate opened butter. That makes it too cold.

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@Zaku I can’t do that, my house is too warm, and a stick of butter can last a month or two in my house.

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”… just asking about bread and butter in your house and when there is still butter leftover that will be going back into the fridge.”
Took this to mean at home, and I have never, in my life, cared if someone has used the same knife twice or more in the butter when they have eaten at my house. It has never even occurred to me to notice such a thing.

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My husband still occasionally eats bread and does that. I think it’s gross.

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In the house, it’s just me and my daughter so I don’t care about such.

In restaurants, I don’t notice or care. If I’m at the table with friends, I think of it as casual even if it’s formal, so if they do that, I don’t care.

When I put butter on things like toast, the butter is cold from the refrigerator so it’s usually like shaved off the knife and the knife doesn’t touch the toast. The shaved slice just drops onto the bread, so the knife can go back to the stick without having crumbs on it.

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When I make my bread I put it on a cutting board along with a plate of butter and a butter knife for the whole community to use.

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Hell, I not only use the same knife to get more butter, I also use said knife to dip into the jam jar and peanut butter jar. But then, I live alone. Yes, I was taught very good manners, I just choose not to always use them. o_O

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For me it’s the idea of the mold that can grow on bread, but I realize logically there is mold in the air anyway.

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@JLeslie, thanks for explaining, I was wondering!

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@canidmajor I didn’t want a whole thread dwelling on my germ reason, because I simply wanted to know what other people do, but at this point I thought it would be ok to explain. At home my butter lasts a long time so mold would have time to grow, but even when my husband does it, I realize it’s just trace amounts.

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Off topic but kind by of funny (not at the time, though).
A few years ago I was eating at my moms house and we had sour cream with whatever we were eating. Well, I’ve live alone for years and never thought about it, but I used the spoon to get the sour cream out, licked the spoon and put it back in the carton.
My mom looked at me like I was crazy and said “you can take that home with you.”
It hurt my feelings that she wouldn’t eat after me, but I did get free sour cream.

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It cannot be helped when you are buttering a slice of bread. I think restaurants should always provide those small foil containers of Land of Lakes butter for this reason, and usually, they do. If the whole table is using the same source for butter, just don’t lick it before you go in for seconds..

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I keep my bread in the freezer so it never gets moldy. My toes are a different matter!

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Penguin you keep your toes in the snow or frizzer ! LoL

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@janbb I assume your butter is kept in the fridge or on the counter. If you transfer bread to the butter then the mold can grow. It’s microscopic, it’s not important.

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Not concerned about mold or manners. But reusing the butter knife was one of the ways I figured out that my gluten sensitivity was getting worse. Cross contamination sucks.

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