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What foods would not be a good choice to eat on a date?

Asked by janbb (62560points) May 10th, 2023

I’m not planning on dating but this question was sparked by an image on anyone watching me eat a hard taco. I seriously don’t know how you can eat one without half of it falling on the plate and making a mess.

So – just for fun. What foods would be really bad to order on a date or perhaps even a job interview lunch?

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Pasta and meatballs with red gravy in a white blouse !

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Barbecue, baby back ribs, pulled pork, baked beans, and corn on the cob. Super yummy, but messy as hell.

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A whole lobster?

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A whole, fully juiced pepperoncini.

I saw someone almost become a cyclops, when my brother’s pepper bomb squirted him in the eye with a high-velocity blast of salad acid!

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Salad. Peas. Shellfish that you have to crack out of a shell. Messy hand-held food.

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Fatty spicy foods.

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Oysters on the half shell, and Spaghetti, like in Lady and the Tramp.

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I cut my spaghetti, which risks getting looked down upon, but it makes a stain very unlikely.

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In the gay world, Mexican food is never the choice on a first date.

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A big, messy burger piled high with all kinds of toppings. Messy, greasy, too big to eat.

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I’d avoid meringues, they are messy and noisy though delicious.

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Cherry tomatoes in a salad. There’s a good chance they will squirt juice on your date.

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I haven’t been on a date in over 30 years or job interview for almost the same, but remembering back, if trying to impress would avoid spare ribs. I love spare ribs, can eat every day, but they’re very messy not only all over the face but hands as well. I’d go through 50+ napkins at a restaurant when eating ribs. So glad I never have to date or job interview ever again, so bring on those RIBS!

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@Acrylic I thought something similar last night – so glad I live alone while spilling my taco shells all over!

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Any thing messy that would make me look like a stupid slob. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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Fried chicken
Bowl of Ramen
BBQ spareribs

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As long as you don’t tuck the tablecloth in thinking it’s a napkin, you should be all right.

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^^That’s too funny and that’s a real turn on for me actually.

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Cabbage. I think we all know why.

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I don’t think I’d mind messy food on a date. If they’re weirded out by people eating, I probably wouldn’t want to date them anyway. Bring on the messy food to screen out the people with weird hang-ups!

I’d probably avoid garlicky foods though. :P

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@janbb I bet you’d look adorable eating a hard shell taco!

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@raum It’s very hard with just flippers to use!

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Apparently both cute and talented.

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@raum I just rolled over so you could stroke my feathered white belly.

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@janbb Heehee…cutie penguin.

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Lobster in the shell carries the risk of someone cutting their finger on the shell and making a bloody mess. (been there)

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