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In Super Mario One and Three for Nintendo do you over use the warps too much?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24143points) May 12th, 2023

So that you never play certain levels that you forget how to play them?

When I was a teenager I rarely played some levels and only focused on winning the game. I was a warp dependent.

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I have a limited amount of hand-eye coordination, and this was back when the older systems were just coming out, although I still have them to this day. Nowadays, I can’t imagine how much worse I would do. That’s why I always play/played games like Final Fantasy more, because those used a menu system. And I liked the idea that if you couldn’t beat a boss, you could just go out and raise your level up some more, maybe get some better armor or weapons, and then come back and be successful.

But my sister was really good at Mario Brothers and the like. I watched her play Super Mario 3 many a time and she did beat every single level. But when she was playing to beat the whole game, she would use the flute to skip over certain levels so that she could get to the end faster.

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It’s an integral part of speed running those games

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What is a warp? ~

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@Mimishu1995 A warp is a magic item that lets you skip levels.

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I only used the warps, when I was playing before school. Otherwise I skipped them.

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