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What is a good Gamecube game for somebody reading at a 1st grade level?

Asked by Kameron (14points) December 27th, 2009

There are alot of good games for the gamecube, however my brother has a hard time reading, and many games require the skill. Are there any fun family games that don’t require heavy reading? the price can range to anywhere.

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Have you thought of looking up George W. Bush’s favorite video games.

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Come on, that doesn’t help at all.

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It isn’t exactly educational, but Super Monkey Ball should be entertaining for someone about that age.

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Mario cart, Resident Evil,Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Party, Mario Power Tennis, Mortal Kombat: Deception ?

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Most fighting games, if he is old enough to handle the violence. But you should be promoting the skill of reading, not avoiding it. #_#

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The Mario Bros. games are always uncomplicated and fun. I loved Mario Kart and Mario Party. They seem suitable for a 1st grader.

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He is a 3rd grader, but has trouble reading, Trying to enhance the skill by a video game would just be more difficult for him. And I’m nbot looking for anything educational, but Mario is defiantly a plus.

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@Kameron Oh, I misunderstood (apparently my reading skills aren’t much better!) But, I must agree that the Mario games could help a bit with the reading, in that, there is a light amount of text, and it’s simple and relevant. Good luck!

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@ubersiren Thanks, they are good for full family fun too. :-)

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i would suggest super smash bros melee…...its just as simple and direct as Mario Bros but it way more fun and you also get to play with different characters and heros from different games…i Highly recommend it

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