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What were some injuries and conditions that were fatal, and not fatal to cavemen?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24656points) May 14th, 2023

4,000 BC and further into the past?

Like a broken finger vs. a broken leg?

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As with any time before antibiotics were invented, something as simple as a cut or sliver could be fatal.

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Neither airplane nor automobile crashes were fatal to the cave people. ;)

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I would imagine that any cut or scrape that became infected could have been fatal. That is unless they were smart enough to create their own cures. There are all kinds of all-natural cures that used to be available that we’ve lost the ability to create!!! Actually, we may still have the ability, but we’ve lost the knowledge.

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Mass shooting were not a thing back then. Proof again that we need gun control.

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Impalement on a mastodon tusk was generally fatal.

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Pregnancy was rough. so was infancy. I know in Ancient Rome they didn’t name male infants for several weeks (possibly months?) because of the higher rates of death. I can only imagine how much more extreme the risks would have been for the Flintstones.

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As a follow up to @gorillapaws :
In ancient Rome, a baby had a 36% chance of dying before age 1. Life expectancy was 42.

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Cavity——> abscess——> brain/blood infection——> death

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Sleeping on the ground, using a rock for a pillow, was not fatal, but wasn’t much fun.

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Fossil records indicate that “Cavemen” had excellent teeth and did not need orthodontics to keep them straight. They grew that way naturally. Cavemen teeth

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Being stood on by a Tyrannosaurus Rex – fatal
Getting scratched by a jaggie bush – probably non fatal

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No paleolithic human ever even encountered a T Rex, or were you being facetious?

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Dinosaurs had gone extinct millions of years prior to this era.

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@Brian1946 Well it is in social but maybe I should have said being stood on by a T Rex was never fatal to cave men but being scratched by a thorn in those pre antibiotic times might have been.

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So Flinstones were fictional? Actually, in the Creation Museum in KY they have a diorama showing cave people with dinosaurs. Hmm.

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^^^^ Yup brought by . . . . ! ^^^^

Someone with a fourth grade education but a LOT OF FAITH !

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If they want to believe dinos and prehistoric people coexisted then let them. No skin off my ass. That’s what’s wrong with this country today, we all want to force our own views and beliefs on other people. I mean I’m in agreement with @Tropical_Willie on this issue not if people want to display their little diorama I suspect the world will continue spin. Just my two cents.

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They can believe what they want, but if the wrong belief points them in the wrong direction for public activities then that’s a problem.

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