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Do you like the smell of Musk perfume?

Asked by gondwanalon (22637points) May 14th, 2023

I can’t stand it. Makes want to gag and run from the area.
No other perfume affects me like that.

How about you?

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As a child my dad wore Old Spice. I did not realize that it was “spice” . I don’t wear perfume or cologne.

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In my younger days I wore Vanilla Musk ALL the time & I received a lot of compliments. Fast forward to today…it smells horrible on me & I can tell it with my own nose…don’t need to wait for anyone to tell me!!!

I was never a huge fan of just plain Musk; but, they did have several different blends that did smell lovely.

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Elon Musk perfume? No, not so much.

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NO! It gives me asthma.Horrible!

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Is that the vanilla smell some ladies wear? I generally really like it. My first real GF wore vanilla so when ever I smell it those good memories come flooding back.

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I don’t like vanilla anything. I love patchouli smell, not on me but on other people. I like musky scents.

On me, I like floral scents, as I say, I’m a delicate blossom.

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There’s musk, and then there’s vanilla musk. I don’t like vanilla musk at all. I like musk.

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I like both musk and sandalwood.

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Not a fan of musk.
But doesn’t make me gag.

I think I dislike vanilla-scented things more. Which is funny, since I love the smell of vanilla when someone is baking.

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Me too, @raum. I love vanilla extract but I can’t stand vanilla candles, hand lotion, etc.

@Tropical_Willie I love sandalwood scent.

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@raum The fragrances that make the “vanilla scented things” are made with petrochemicals. They are fake, and toxic to boot!

Compare that with the smell of baking with real vanilla and the difference is is like night and day. There’s really no comparison. if you didn’t know before, now you do.

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@snowberry I think that’s partly why, though definitely not entirely why. Lots of other scents smell artificial. But I think the artificial vanilla is…cloying?

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@raum I shudder with any fragrance made with petrochemicals. When it’s strong, I must leave the area. The stuff actually makes me ill.

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@snowberry I do hold my breathe and speed walk through the perfume section of a department store.

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@raum of course, but if it’s strong, it stays on your clothes, even after you have escaped the cloud. See, petrochemicals are sticky, and that’s why the fragrance industry loves them. The fragrances last longer because they stick to you, and they stick even better to things that are made with other petrochemicals. (such as fabrics, paints, plastics, etc).

My granddaughter lives in a home that uses lots of fragrances. Her mother buys a lot of those cute kids clothes and they are all made from petroleum byproducts. When she comes to visit, even though she doesn’t use scented shampoo in the shower and we use scent free detergent on her clothes, I can barely stand to be close to her. She reeks because of all the residual fragrance in her clothing.

And every little while there’s some nut who uses much much more fragrance than the manufacturer intended. Last year I was in a department store, and the clerk who was trying to help me was one of those people. Twenty feet away from her was too close! There’s no way you can be polite to someone like that.

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@snowberry It’s an olfactory onslaught!

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^^ An ostentatiously offensive olfactory onslaught! o_O

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