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Who is the mystery candy gifter?

Asked by janbb (62551points) May 26th, 2023

I got a box of peppermint bark from a company in California yesterday. No card. I thought it was from my kids but they say no and a close girlfriend also said no.

Who could be my mystery gifter?

Humor welcome. As someone suggested, I could call the company and ask if they can look up the sender.

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Me! It was me! Do I get brownie points?

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Oh no! You must not call! We must ferret out the mystery giver.

It’s not me.

Or is it?

I think it’s Elton John. He heard how you’ve got grandkids and wanted to make you think it was from them. Or maybe that was Rod Stewart. Perhaps Mick Jagger played a role.

It could be completely different. I know! It’s Neil deGrasse Tyson! That’s got to be it.

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Probably poisoned. Do not eat it.

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I t wasn’t me, penguin.

Maybe a contest you entered last month ?

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Best to just enjoy it, if it was really meant for you. Remember! “Never look a gift horse in the mouth!”

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Who knows you like peppermint bark? Better start eating it in case it’s a mistake. We won’t tell.

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Isn’t there a nephew out there who might be feeling friendly toward you? And BTW, I love peppermint bark, I’ll be right over to help you cope with this burden.

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I did text him but he hasn’t responded yet.

And come on down! There’s enough to share. And I’m making brownies.

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I love brownies!

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^^ Chocolate party at the Penguin’s!

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Your secret admirer?

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Your dentist? Trying to spur up some business?

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Can you call the company to find out? Maybe they forgot to enclose a gift card.

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Rumor has it, the Hamburgler has finished his sentence and is trying to make amends.

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Still no answers!

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“Light seeking light doth light of light beguile.” -Shakespeare

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Mystery solved – It was my French family in gratitude for some help I provided. The card had been left off.

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@janbb That’s awesome. Thanks for the update.

Rubble rubble!

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First world problems…

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@MrGrimm888 Who spat in your corn flakes? It’s just a lighthearted fun question.

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^It wasn’t intended to be less than a lighthearted jab. Apologies @janbb .

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Cool then.

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Cool as California peppermint bark…

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Well I sent you chocolate covered cherries.

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@Dutchess_III And they were delicious! Thank you!

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Good. I had to test them first. Glad some got past me!

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^^ Is that what the holes were?

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Uhhhh…they were on the bottom….

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