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Do you use Upside?

Asked by Acrylic (3358points) May 26th, 2023

Any advantages, disadvantages, little things they don’t tell you about? Does it work for you?

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No, but what is it?

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@janbb It’s supposed to be some cash back app on purchases like gas and certain restaurants. I see the ads, was looking before leaping.

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I’ve seen ads for it too and it’s a good question. My suspicion is it’s mostly being used to track your spending and sell that info to data brokers or advertisers, but that’s a hunch. maybe it’s very consumer friendly and respectful of your privacy. Someone’s paying for those savings somehow.

I looked into it more and they don’t disclose your data (yet—that might change one day). They serve personal ads and get a slice of the proceeds from the companies if you make purchases.

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No, I don’t use any of those cash back apps. There are a few of them out there. I think they make you enthused about spending “The more you spend, the more you save” and I am trying not to spend or shop needlessly.

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No, I only use Updog.

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I’ve NEVER tried it, but I did consider it at one time. My logic tells me that I’d be selling my soul if I use it. WHY would any company give me free money with NOTHING in return??? They are making a profit from selling my info to somebody & I won’t know who!!! Hence, I determined I’m better off forgetting the refund & keeping my private info as private as I can for as long as I can!!! They may get it anyway, but I do NOT “have to” give it to them for FREE!!!

I have noticed that Acorn is trying to take their place & I’m NOT giving it up to Acorn either!!!

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My husband and a few friends use Upside and like it.

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