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Why are business statistics sometimes the wrong color and direction?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24047points) May 31st, 2023

On Bloomberg Business news some the colors and direction of investments are off.

For example:
Green is up.
Red is down.

Arrow up is positive.
Arrow down is negative.

Sometimes a green arrow is down?

Like for today US bonds are down and green.

Is it a, computer glitch?

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There are no standards for this when it comes to showing data elements.

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Some statistics reflect an inverse relationship. such as the price of a bond going up when interest rates decline. The Bloomberg Pound/Dollar shows the graph in green because the dollar is stronger than the Pound.

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Green usually signifies good. If interest rates go down, that ought to be good = green. If stock prices go up, that’s good = green. Same for red = bad.

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