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What does great health feel like?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24047points) May 31st, 2023

I’ve been watching YouTube videos on healthy eating, and I wonder what it feels like? How would you describe great health?

What positive changes would one expect for following any diet?

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It’s a gift, a gift that takes progressively harder work to maintain as you get older. Diet helps sure, but it’s honestly more about exercise. For diet, just getting any free sugar out of your eating habits will probably yield positive results though.

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I used to be an alcoholic for decades, then one day decided I don’t want to be one anymore, and quit drinking and smoking, started exercising and eating, well, maybe not strict “healthy,” but healthier anyway. It feels AWESOME!

I don’t wake up dizzy from drinking too much the night before, and can breathe easier without smoke and tar covering my lungs. Eating healthier makes for better digestion and, ummmm, the expelling of the food, if you will. Can walk miles without sweating and panting, and am generally happier. As I was going through this transition, I developed a closer relationship with God with daily prayer and devotions. All this combined I am happy, healthy, spiritually sound, and pray and hope for everybody to feel this great. It can be done.

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I just got healthy during Covid, and it’s wonderful. I lost 65lbs, am exercising and/or walking\jogging daily. Trying Paleo for a year almost now, works for me.
The best part for me is my back not going out, my knees not feeling stiff, and energy is back.
I recently climbed a mountain with my 30-something friend and while she panted and sweat, I was good to go.
My husband recently asked me to slow down in a store. It’s pretty awesome.
And my doc took me off a statin and will likely take me off my bp meds next.

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It is the most amazing thing you can feel for a long sustained feeling.
A few things to mention is that you have energy, find purpose, stand taller, smile more, laugh more, find the good in life. You are also motivated and have desires to explore new things.
Finding the right diet to go with your metabolic needs is certainly key. Adding on some type of fitness is also crucial. You can start this at any point. The hardest part is to make this a change to your life through maintaining it.

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Virtually everything in life is better when you are in shape. Sleeping, walking, moving, bathroom ablutions, joints – knees hips back, recovery from illnesses and surgery, work, play, aging, ... are all better.
(I wanted to omit the word “virtually” in my first statement but included it in case someone came up with something.)
Diet alone won’t do it. You need to move your body! Stress it while you can. Your later self will thank you.

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I don’t think I ever had great health, but when I was younger I was very strong, one of the strongest girls in my class, and I had no pain in my body. There were still things I couldn’t do well, like my stamina was below average. Also, I felt sexually healthy, a lot of my health problems have been GYN related, which really sucks in so many ways. I miss feeling “healthy.” Not feeling healthy has been very difficult for me to accept and is one of my greatest sadnesses in my life.

One thing that puts me at ease is I think most people deal with loss of healthy and so I guess it is part of life. I do think I should do more to improve my health, but it’s easier said than done.

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When I’m healthier, I feel lighter. It’s not just a physical weight. Everything is more clear.

I feel more in tune with my body versus feeling like it’s a thing that I’m lugging around.

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Don’t know any more.

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@Dutchess_III I’m definitely talking in past tense here. :P

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Ok…you’re strong, you can walk, you can do what ever you need to do.

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I find when I am at my healthiest, I feel like I am at a perfect body temperature, and I feel like I am swalded in cotton clouds.

Also I feel more in “the zone”, more often; Also my cognitive abilities are enhanced. For example I had some fruits, veggies, and meat and 2 liters of water on July/2023 and for a day I was able to do extra in my French lessons through Duolingo; So much that I won a gold medal for the week in my Emerald league. I scored 500 experience points compared to my usual 100.

It went away after a day and I am trying to replicate the effect; Mostly from healthy food and clean tap water.

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I’m not in constant pain.

I’m not stuck in a recliner all day.

I can’t go outside and meet the neighbors.

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Regarding health, the last month or so I have been fascinated with my hair. This is the longest and thickest it has been in years. Makes me feel younger and healthier. Usually, my thyroid is hard to stabilize and when my thyroid is out of whack my hair starts falling out like crazy. I’ve been on a good streak with adjusting my meds. I was wanting to try changing my thyroid meds to see if it would help my blood pressure, but my hair is so good I am actually favoring that over possibly better blood pressure, which is stupid, but I am going with the vanity for now.

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