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I just saw a headline that a politician in Ohio has stepped down due to his “misrepresentation” of his military record. When did out and out lying become softened to the word “misrepresentation”?

Asked by chyna (51019points) May 31st, 2023 from iPhone

I know my parents would never have said “Chyna, did you break that glass? Now don’t misrepresent what you did.”
No. They would have said and don’t lie about it! Why are we so soft on liars now?

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A lying person has always thought this way.
I am not soft on people who misrepresent themselves. This is part of judging a persons character.

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“I cannot misrepresent. I chopped down the cherry tree.”

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“Misrepresenter, misrepresenter, pants are possibly combustible”

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When did out and out lying become softened to the word “misrepresentation”? 2016 & it was further solidified when George Santos refused to accept that he lied. Only poor people lie…rich people misrepresent.

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Using this euphemism is an effort to appear “neutral”, by people who are mistaking “neutrality” with “appeasement”.

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Possibly when Hillary Clinton “misremembered” being on a plane as it corkscrew landed amid mass gunfire. To be fair, I’m sure people lied before Hillary did, so….

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^What’s that got to do with misrepresenting the price of tea in China?

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@Strauss It’s just another member of the “whataboutist” crew on Fluther.

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Totally agree @canidmajor ,Well your guy did this and that ,so there!
What the hell does that have to do with the question?
If either side lies they should be held accountable for their action, NOT well your guy did this so our guy isn’t that bad.

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The question asked “When did out and out lying become softened to the word “misrepresentation”?”, I supplied a possible beginning for when that sort of rationalization may have started, just like she asked. I’ll try not to make that mistake again. Jesus will forgive if I ask.

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There are two crimes here, first he lied about his military record and then he lied about his lying. He should be taken out at dawn and subjected to euphemism with extreme prejudice.

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I didn’t even understand that story. Am I correct that he did serve in the military in the Middle East? What is the point of lying about being in Afghanistan? Why would he even lie about that, and has that been part of his main schtick while running? I googled a little, but articles popping up first are short articles about it.

I agree misrepresentation is lying, but did he spend time in Afghanistan, just wasn’t actually deployed there?

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Misrepresenter, Misrepresenter, pants on fire!

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I wish Santos would step down due to his many, many egregious misrepresentations!

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People in politics, are similar to drug addicts. (Many are.)
Their declarations, and overall rhetoric, are layers of lies…

The “misrepresentation” bullshit, is just another form of their ilk using thinly veiled justification, and/or attempts at doctoring the spin…

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@Acrylic I supplied a possible beginning for when that sort of rationalization may have started

OK, I’ll give you that…but you might want to research back a little farther into history. Richard Nixon’s famous“I Am Not A Crook”: speech is a classic documented case of “misrepresentation”...and it’s not the first time any politician from any party “misrepresented” any truth!

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