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Who owns those 20 and 40 foot shipping containers?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32764points) May 31st, 2023

We have all seen them, either on train flatcars or being pulled by trucks. They can be all colors, but often are either white or dark red. Like these

Who actually owns the containers? It seems like they get moved around and reused all the time. Does some company actually own them? Do they get paid rent from other companies that use them?

The specific reason I’m asking – there’s a company here in Georgia that is selling them to consumers – for backyard storage. I’m wondering if he’s selling something he doesn’t really “own” and if this is a scam.

Do shipping containers have ownership titles (like I do when I buy a car)?

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It’s not a scam, my mom has 2 in her backyard. Great for storage, but expensive to move.

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Large shipping companies like Maersk, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), CMA CGM, and Evergreen Marine own and operate vast fleets of shipping containers. These containers are used to transport goods across international waters. Shipping lines often lease or sell containers to other businesses or individuals.

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I worked construction in the 1970s at a refinery in the SF Bay Area. The construction company brought in 40 foot containers that we converted to “office” and meeting space.

Cut a few windows, put in some benches, have the carpenters build a blueprint table/desk, and we were in business.

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I had my barn rebuilt and rented one for 3 months. The company, A-Verti Storage Containers, buys used units, cleans, refurbishes and paints them. They delivers the units to your site and place them EXACTLY where you specify. How do they put them EXACTLY where you want them? The delivery guy has a small remote control that operates the truck and load platform. It fits in his pocket so you don’t even see that he is carrying. He gets out of the truck and does the placement all by himself! Pick up was equally quick and precise. It was fantastic to watch.

If I recall, they charged me $129 per month – and it was well worth it.

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You can buy them or rent them.

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I saw once on Maine Cabin Masters they had one that someone made into a home.

I think the best thing would be to put a giant slide on the roof, going down to the ground. How much fun would that be? A big metal slide, wheeee, right into the yard!

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I don’t think any one industry exclusively owns them. The industries that use them buy them from the ones that manufacture them. I know that old ones are sold to consumers; I don’t know if consumers can purchase new ones, but it is probably possible.

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