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Can you help me find advertisements that feature a diverse group of people?

Asked by JLeslie (65077points) June 2nd, 2023

I am doing a presentation about perceptions of diversity in the US. I have collected lots of statistics for the presentation and one of the questions I will be asking the group is their opinion on showing very diverse groups in advertising or in other media that actually over-represents minorities or that show families that are interracial. I want to have three or four examples, photos of ads to put into the powerpoint I am creating.

If you have any other ideas for the presentation please feel free to comment on this Q.

I initially hand out pen and paper and have the audience guess how what percentage of the US is Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Jewish, Muslim, LGB, Trans, and High School Diploma. After they guess I give them the real stats and also the stats of people who were polled showing how far off many people guess from the actual number.

Next, I talk about the stats where we live and how it is somewhat misrepresented in the media. I also include stats for our state of Florida.

Additionally, I touch on the projections being made that white people will become a minority group in 2045 in the US.

Then I ask the audience how they did on their guesses, why do they think they might have guessed very wrong if they did, their opinion on representation in media, and what they think about government policy making regarding diversity and minority groups.

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Very diverse here, this ad.

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Coca cola was a pioneer in their Buy the World a Coke. Target also is known for diverse ads before it was popular. Nike is another that was diverse for decades.

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Does it need to be SFW?

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They are everywhere. I can’t imagine you’re having trouble finding them.

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If I sart googling things, I’m going to be receiving targeted ads for those things so I don’t want to, but if you google and find pharmaceutical ads, car ads, food ads (breakfast cereal and stuff like that), you’ll find a lot of diversity. I’m thinking also the recent Oreo ad. So many.

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