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HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! How will you be enjoying the month?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37014points) June 2nd, 2023

I’m going to a grand drag show tonight at the Hawaii State Art Museum. It will be in their sculpture garden, and last year the place was standing-room only. It was FABULOUS!

Here in Honolulu, our parade is in October, so the parade and festival will be later this year, but we still have parties and fun.

Will you be celebrating? Any fun planned to mark the fight for equality for LGBTQ people? Are there events in your town?

Come at me, bigots. I’m loaded and ready.

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As a side job and hobby I make jewelry. I have made several bracelets and necklaces with the rainbow colors and have given them to friends and colleagues.
I hope they will wear them this month as an appreciation for pride month.

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Yes!! Wear all the rainbows!

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Ignoring it. I see no reason to celebrate the sexual preferences and activities of others. Private things should stay private.

However, June is also National Country Cooking Month, and I plan on diving in head first and celebrating every meal!

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@Acrylic And you could have chosen to simply scroll past this question, but you insisted on coming here and raining on the parade. Ignoring Pride is a bigoted thing to write.

You might want to look at why you have no friends as you’ve written on other questions. That’s a serious concern for psychologists.

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@Hawaii_Jake Sir, please reread your question. The third paragraph opens “Will you be celebrating?”, and I answered that yes or no question with an added explanation as to why. The second and third questions in that paragraph are also yes or no’s. You asked, sir, I answered. Isn’t that the point here?

I don’t believe in psychology and have no friends by choice. Thanks for your concern, I hope this cleared things up.

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Getting back to the Q at hand. My nearby city holds a NJ Pride festival this coming Sunday. I will march in the parade with my Unitarian congregation and then stay for at least some of the festival in the park.

@Acrylic Private things should be private until the public is stomping on peoples’ rights to be who they are.

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I need to ask around and see what’s going on that I can participate in as an ally. I do hope you have a blast!
Not all Christian heteros are jerks, some of us try to emulate Jesus and love without judgement, I promise. :)

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there is no event around me. Closest thing is Pride parade which will be happening in Cracow. But I am not going there, I am sure one political party will go there and act like its there thing. And quite honestly I am not fan of it, I dont want to be even close to it tbh. And I cant wear anything rainbow cause of my homophobic familly

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@all Please read the answers from @Acrylic and also from @Koxufoxu and tell me that hate is OK. Please tell me that hate is not a problem.

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I will enjoy it vicariously through you @Hawaii_Jake

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I’m bi. I don’t think I’m allowed to celebrate pride, since I don’t exist.

But seriously, I was thinking I’d try to queer myself out and get involved in pride festivities just to make sure people in my small town know about me. I fly under the radar way more than my idealistic teenage faggot self would have believed. It’s easier, but I’m not helping the cause.

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@Smashley Yay for bi people! Wear the rainbows!

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@Smashley I think this year especially it’s good if we all let our “freak flags” fly so good on ya!

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I’ll be wearing my rainbow White House avatar!

Can anybody here tell me on what date and for what occasion the WH donned these colors?

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@Brian1946 It was after the passage of the same sex marriage act.

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@Brian1946 June of 2015. When the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage.

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Correct. The date was June 26. The only reason I still know it is because it’s when I made my avatar.


You’re right in that it was to celebrate nascent marriage equality, but I don’t think a same-sex marriage act was passed.
What the decision did in that regard, was essentially overturn the atrocity known as the “Defense” of Marriage Act.

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It may sound weird, but the game I’m playing is hosting an event celebrating pride. We have do do tasks to get enough currency for pride-related items. I am working hard on getting a set of pride costume which will be a permanent item that I will own. Then I can show my appreciation any time I want.

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At least one good thing about that venue is, you don’t have to worry about anti-LGBTQ fascist goons barging in and trashing any of those items.

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I wasn’t aware of “Pride Month.”
Well. I think I’ve heard of it. Just didn’t know what month it was…

Uh. I’m heterosexual. But. I have a few friends who aren’t… To me. Those people, don’t deserve any special treatment. They definitely don’t deserve any judgment for simply being who they are…

I guess. It’s always pride month, as far as I’m concerned.
I only befriend genuine people. People open about their self identity, are genuine. If you are a genuine person, you should be proud. People who aren’t afraid to be who they are, if they like who they are, are a refreshing and unfortunately rare thing…

After the Orlando shooting thing, some years back now, my security company picked up an account at a popular local “gay” bar. As a higher ranking guy in my company, I was sent in as one of three guards. I was the unarmed (by choice) HOS, and my other two officers were armed.
It was first time in a gay bar. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Working the front door, and being in charge, I knew I’d get a full experience.
I was shocked…
The customers were mostly gay males, and straight/bi females…
It was a very positive atmosphere. Everyone got along great. No fighting. No bullshit.
I was hit on frequently. However. Once I made it clear, in a polite manner, I was not into dudes that was respected. I was constantly told that I was such a waste. Typical rejection was met with a funny feigned offense, and kind words.
There was only one large restroom. No problems, at least that required intervention.
After midnight, the venue switched to a drag show. Although I was perplexed by the draw of watching a man dressed as a woman do a burlesque routine to B-side Katy Perry songs, the crowd loved it…

I worked there for a few weeks until I trained a replacement. They had no need for someone like me there.

I left thinking, I should totally open my own gay bar! I literally talked to my brother about us trying to get the finances right. For at least two years. All we could talk about was “Prism,” when we got drunk. (The name I picked for our gay bar.)

Here in Charleston SC, we have a fairly large LGBTQ+ portion of our community. At least compared to most other places I have been…
The lifestyle, minus the bigotry, seems like a blast. I admit, it seems appealing. It’s just that I’m not gay… But. It’s like with theists. I am genuinely envious.

I hope that a simple lifelong mutual respect is good enough for celebration…
I do have a problem of saying the “F” word when I’m mad at someone. It has nothing to do with homosexual behavior. It’s just a stupid word I used when I was a teenager. My gay friends tolerate my rough edges. I’m thankful for that. It bothers me that I offend them. I catch myself saying it. I’m working on it…

I tell you what @Hawaii_Jake .
I have never had anything but respect for you. It would bother me if I didn’t acknowledge this phenomena, and I hope you enjoy this month. More than anything. I hope you can learn to completely ignore the bigots you encounter. You and I both know, they aren’t worth your negative vibes, or hurt feelings.

I would add. If you please… I don’t personally feel like @Acrylic was being a jerk. In the spirit of coexistence, maybe we can celebrate our common interests more than our differences.
@Acrylic is a fellow jelly.
We all have this pond in common…

Happy Pride Month everyone.

Peace and love…

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@MrGrimm888 I really like your sentiment of putting aside differences. This is something all of us need for a time like this.

But the problem here is that this thread is obviously for celebration and positive vibe. And @Acrylic came and posted a callous response with no intention to celebrate with Jake, then said that they were just answering a question. This isn’t about answering questions. It’s about sharing happiness with someone else.

It’s even more of a problem when they posted two questions that call for people’s celebration. They want positivity but aren’t willing to extend the same gesture to others.

I don’t care about @Acrylic‘s stance on pride or stuff like that. They can believe anything they want. But if they don’t care for what someone is celebrating, at least don’t rain on people’s parade. They can just scroll past. No one is forcing them to post. No need for an I-don’t-give-a-damn snarky answer on a celebrating thread.

If you post a thread wanting to celebrate International Cat Day, and I come and say I don’t care because I prefer dogs, I’m an asshole and you can tell me off as you like, even though there is nothing wrong with liking dogs.

I agree with you that Jake doesn’t need to be too emotional. I have nothing against your message either. I just want to say that this isn’t really an issue with opinions, but more of an issue with courtesy. And what @Acrylic did isn’t nice, especially when they claim to choose love over hate.

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All of the kudos to you, @Mimishu1995, well said!

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And to answer your Q, @Hawaii_Jake, I mostly do the same stuff as always, I post positive and awareness stuff, I donate liberally to various groups that support and protect at-risk folks, and I keep my home open to a number of people that I know who live in unsafe places and might need a refuge.
Every day of the year is Pride Awareness in my house.

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It’s sometimes referred to as “yucking on someone else’s yum.” Yes, @Acrylic you answered the question but it’s one where you could have kept scrolling. It’s like when someone posts on social media a photo of some disgusting food and says what a pleasure it was to eat. Instead of saying “that looks gross. I would never eat that.” it’s best to just ignore the post.

A thousand GA’s to you, @Mimishu1995.

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Rather than derail what is supposed to be a positive, celebratory thread into an argument, I will PM @Hawaii_Jake . And it will be up to HJ, if my words are even worthy of consideration.

I do wish to attempt to salvage the positive vibes, from my contribution however.

I hope everyone has a safe, and happy Pride Month.
Peace and Love…

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A friend said there’s a big Pride event downtown this Saturday so we’ll likely attend.

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@Hawaii_Jake I have no idea what to wear. Maybe just No H8 on a tshirt or my face?

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Wear something to be cool in. Painting No H8 on your face would be awesome!

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@Hawaii_Jake I don’t have pride in my area, so I don’t know if it’s too late for that, but here it is, the pride costume. I call this “warrior of rainbow”.

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@Mimishu1995 That’s fantastic! Congratulations on obtaining that costume!

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