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Which do you think is more popular, social sites like Fluther, or porn sites?

Asked by SpatzieLover (24591points) September 23rd, 2008

Read article & discuss why you think this is occurring:

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One can only hope that it’s true…....

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Can I simply state that that was one of the most poorly written and cited articles I have ever read? If one is going to make such a claim, I would imagine that a bit more data than an interview with one person would be expected, but, I’m no journalist…

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I just heard on the news that social networking sites have surpassed porn sites on the internet. I wonder if it’s because it has become more clear (patriot act and forensic files) that internet usage can be monitored and where you go is not as annymous as people once thought it was.

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Shilolo, I doubt has the rigorous peer-review you an I are used to.

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right now i’m browsing both..

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@shilolo, I actually heard it on TV news, but quickly searched the Net to see if anyone had it in print…that was the 1st article I came to while posting the Q

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I don’t see a huge difference between porn and social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. All are inherently voyeuristic at their core. If true, it just means that people can get as much “stimulation” out of surfing through their friends’ (occasionally revealing) pictures online as from porn sites. From what I’ve heard….

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@drhat you’d be surprised how unscrupulous and biased peer reviewed medical journals can be. For example, only 1 in 5 cancer treatment trials ever gets published and only 5.9% industry sponsored trials see the light of day. Successful trials get published unsuccessful ones tend not to but it’s just as important to know what didn’t work as to know what does.

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@drhat77 The bottom of the page you linked us to says: aims to provide a quick access to the top stories of the day. We provide news for Businessmen and Youth who do not have much of time


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I think this question is suffering from the same issues as this one.
Just because A is growing in popularity (whereas B’s popularity is not growing)
it doesn’t mean that A is actually more popular than B.

Christmas and porn are much larger (and will continue to be so for a long time).
That sentence sounds really wrong.

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@Lightly. You are probably right, but, I was referring to the lax journalistic standards (if you can even call them that) in that article. Slate often does a breakdown of these faux-news stories, which is why I love reading that site.

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@ Nimis – I shall never sing look at a yule log the same again.

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@syz, i’d much rather money find its way from an individual’s pocket to a porn producer directly than indirectly, from being repeatedly violated by hundreds of advertisements, a’ la MySpace or Facebook.

porn has a more respectable business model, IMO.

@SpatzieLover: Fluther is definitely not representative of the “social networks” that are drawing the porn crowds away. it’s brain porn!

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Ha! Brain porn it is!

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There are different kinds of popularity.

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It depends on how you look at it lol. For me it is Fluther since I don’t watch or look at porn

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