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A question about the differences between police women in Japan and those in the US and Canada?

Asked by raiden88 (106points) July 25th, 2023

This is simply out of curiosity. Are the female police officers in Japan trained any differently from those in Canada and the US? If so, what differences are there in terms of both physical and mental training, as well as learning how to fight in self defense? I’m watching the Japanese version of Cold Case the TV show with actress Yo Yoshida and so far I kinda like it a lot.

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Am I correct that Japanese police women uniforms call for skirts (by default) while mens’ uniforms are trousers?

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In general, women in Japan are expected to speak, dress and act “cute” in their workplace as well as in society in general (with higher, “baby” inflection in their voices, etc.). My American daughter who lives there told me this, and she hates the policy. Because she’s not Japanese, they don’t expect that nonsense from her.

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