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What features would you like fluther to add?

Asked by Celeste00 (786points) September 23rd, 2008

I, for example, wouldn’t mind being able to track all posts by users. Like on forums, ya know? An RSS feed for my content would rock too.

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I’d like to have a question automatically included when you PM someone about it. Saves on cut and paste.

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knowing how many people are online, or “hot periods” when you know when to ask a question that needs responses ASAP.

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Optional e-mail notification. Or do they already have that?

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We already have that intro24. Look at the “My Account” feature to see it.

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Ignore questions by certain users.

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I also just thought of a “quote” or “reply” tab after each post to make it easier.

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the ability to post pics in your thread.
the ability to see who’s online in your fluther.
an extended profile space, with pics
the ability to search for ppl with the same interests as you.

I’d also love to have the ability to bitch slap some people

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dead: now, now, we like to keep it CIVIL here in Flutherland!

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and I’d like to know WHO just gave me lurve!

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Sigh. To have a question pop up similar past questions based on key words (as you type it and before it posts) so people don’t keep asking them over and over, especially if they are recent.

Like this one.

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The ability to decline lurve for answers that are wrong/mediocre.
Hey, I can’t catch them all!

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Seems like I encountered the Fluther police… jeez @Marina, it’s answers like that, that make this place not as friendly as it could be.

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@ stratman37 it’s no fun to be civil…lol Seriously, haven’t you ever had a dicusson on here with someone that just wouldn’t give up??? Makes me insane!

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Maybe something like this.

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@johnpowell LOL

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Yes, and I usually just leave ‘em alone. And to me, that’s not conceding, I just “walk away” with my silence.

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I feel inclined to say I find it perfect already.

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@stratman37 Yes, I do too. But, a good slap would make ME feel so good every now and then!!

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I agree, but why lower yourself to their level? Take the high road, and other Flutherers usually tell ‘em off FOR you!

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Very true. OK, I’ll walk away now. lol

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Ooh! Got me!

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@Celeste00 I really do think that would be a helpful feature.

That said, I really do wish people would research questions. This one was asked less than a week ago. I don’t think that makes me the Fluther police.

If it makes you feel better, I tried to search, but did not find a question (search function could use improvement—I think they are working on it) and posted a repeat question in the same day (which I asked them to remove and they kindly did).

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For what it’s worth, I never saw it asked before, so it’s new to me. And it would be new to other newer ppl.

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@Marina the suggestion is fine, the policing attitude… not so much. I’ve been to enough forums to know when people take up the role of telling other people how to do things, and it takes the whole fun out of the experience to always have to be wondering what you’re gonna pick on.

If the search feature needs improvement, then great, this means several people found this question useful. And the ones that didn’t probably just ignored it. See how it all ends up working itself out? :)

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Celeste. I see your point completely, but there are (and have been) periods of time when the same question is asked daily, if not more than once per day (I seem to recall a period not too far in the distant past where roughly 50% of the questions had to do with jailbreaking the iPhone). So, some people are a bit more sensitive to the repeat question issue than others.

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Got it, pretty sure I would have realized if it was posted today. A bit much to ask if it was a week ago, as there is 2000000 questions per day. But thanks for the civility, shilolo.

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I’d have to second the request for improved search capabilities.

I tried to find a post earlier today that I knew I had read and thought I knew the exact title, but couldn’t find it no matter how many keyword combinations i used.

Based on the amount of posts and questions I’ve seen in just the past couple of days, i’m sure that a speedy and comprehensive search is no easy feat.

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A “random” button that takes you to a random question when you click it. Good for discovering new things.

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@Celeste00 Welcome to Fluther!! :D

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@scamp Ah, the warmth… :)

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@Intro Yep, they already have it. I have mine disabled

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Dejavu thread.

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@Celeste00 Ha ha yeah! let it soak into your weary soul my dear!! Seriously.. Welcome!!

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A quick thing that sort of does that. Here

It will still show deleted questions. And yes. I did write that in under 60 seconds so no complaining.

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free cheese and wine!

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we can discuss what we want at the fluther convention…...that i know they’re planning as we speak.

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I would LOVE to ignore certain people. There are a handful of people that make it really difficult to not be snarky.. thus, I would love to not even read or have to deal with them at all, to save myself from getting all riled up, offended, whatever.

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