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What do you think about ride share companies?

Asked by JLeslie (65410points) July 27th, 2023

I just learned about a company named Turo. If I understand it correctly, people rent out their cars. I learned about it in a facebook group for Disney when someone was complaining a rental car company was charging her $800 for a week. Several people recommended trying Turo, here is the website:

For the record, a lot of us think the rental agency was holding an extra $500 on her debit or credit card temporarily.

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I like the idea. All those cars sitting around most of the day. What a waste.

We’ve rented a car like that several times. The company around here is called “Getaround”. I think they come from San Francisco originally.

It was a good experience. Much cheaper, spotless car, friendly interaction with the car owner. We mostly rented the car(s) for daytrips, once for a whole week to help us with a move. We stopped only because we now essentially ride-share with our neighbors.

We returned a Getaround car late once, but were able to adjust the time in the app (the owner can deny or approve requests like that). Otherwise, nothing ever went wrong. Of course, an accident or damage to the car would be the real test. Though the insurance policies seemed to be the same ones a traditional car rental business would have in place.

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I wouldn’t rent my car out to a stranger. I don’t think my insurance company would like it if my car were rented out. Not sure if it would be covered but I wouldn’t want a hard time. I understand some people may think I’m too cautious and may be critical of my thoughts but I would hate to have someone get my car into an accident and the insurance company gives a hard time about paying, or if they pay, my rates go up because someone did something stupid.

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Familiar with them all. I have driven for Lyft and Uber, but would NEVER rent my own car out to someone. I looked into it and the money you may yield is just not worth it.

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Even driving for Lyft/Uber might not be worth it if you factor in car maintenance and insurance. Or can you deduct that during tax time?

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@RocketGuy You have an ability to deduct maintenance and repair of your vehicle during taxi time. Easy to do if driver is your main gig and more complex if it is just a side Hussle.

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Even if you were to deduct maintenance and repairs, or some maintenance and repairs, if the insurance company got wind of that you were loaning or renting your car out you would probably have to pay a higher rate so that would offset any savings in taxes.

Whenever I see people posting about getting rides to the airport by some shady limo company, I often caution then to be careful because if the shady limo company is not properly insured and you’re in an accident, the insurance company might give a hard time to paying for any damages to passengers.

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