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What kind of insurance should I buy from a rental car company?

Asked by moondog (38points) November 20th, 2006
I know its the smart thing to do, but the list of possible insurance types seems too long. Here are some examples: Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) 22.99/day, Supplemental Liability (SLI) 12.95/day, Personal Accident and Effects (PAE) 4.95/day
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It depends on how much liability you want to leave with your personal insurance company. this decision is completely in your court... many people buy everything to have no risk whatsoever.. other people take their chances and don't take anything... or take partial coverage, etc
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the LDW is the only one that might be worth it... that covers damage to the car. If you have any normally decent car insurance, your liability should already include the second two. The first is just a matter of your risk tolerance... I usually don't bother with it.
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If you rent with your credit card, your credit card company may cover you on all these. Check with them.
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i always, always get LDW and SLI. for 36 bucks a day, you get a guarantee that no matter what happens, you won't be paying for any damages if you get in a wreck. peace of mind is worth at least 36 bucks a day, to me.

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Check with your agent and see what you have. I believe they cangive you the best advice

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credit card insurance usually covers only CDW – collision, or damage to the rental car. if anyone knows a card that does otherwise (i use discover – and researched and found nothing else) let me know!

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It depends on what kind of coverage you feel that you may need.

Loss Damage Waiver when purchased, relieves you of financial responsibility for any loss of or damage to the rental car itself (as long as you are complying with the terms of your rental agreement)

SLI or Supplemental Liability Insurance offers additional coverage for public liability or property damage (to other people, property and vehicles but NOT the rental car) beyond what is the minimum required by state law (which may already be included in your rate)

Personal Accident and Effects protection offer coverage for medical expenses, and coverage for your belongings that are in the rental car if stolen.

You may already have all or some coverages through

1. Your own personal automobile insurance policy
2. The credit card you use

Contact your insurance adjustor and your credit card issuer to determine if you have any coverage (and if so, what the terms, conditions and limits of coverage may be) before you decide if you want to/need to purchase any optional coverage from the rental car company.

Read more about Rental Car Insurance at

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