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Would the Great Pyramid get a modern building permit?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) August 13th, 2023 from iPhone

If the architects of the Great Pyramid submitted modern plans based on their original design, would they get the permits to break ground based on various international standards?

Should we do tests to see if our modern standards can take the millenia of weathering these took?

Does that mean the pyramids are built to superior standards?

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“You’re going to need to file form #4735s in duplicate. We don’t have that form in this office. You can get it in the Office of Official Forms, which is in the building 2 blocks over.”

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A remarkable thing about the pyramid is that it is so heavy it could not be supported anywhere else on the planet.
I have heard that if you find the circumference of the Earth that passes over the most water, it would pass over the pyramid. Also, if you find the circumference of the Earth that passes over the most land, it would pass over the Pyramid.
It’s like the planet was built for it.

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They’re still standing in Giza.

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I doubt it. The colossal amount of material needed and the environmental impact of transporting refining and assembly would not likely pass today’s standards.

Perhaps a justification of such a massive structure could be made in that the finished pyramid will be fitted with solar panels to cover every square inch of it.

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Probably but they would have to pay off Pharoah’s guards to get the paperwork through.

The pyramids are incredibly sturdy, so the construction was quite good. However, there is/was no ventilation or lighting inside the tombs at the pyramid, so they wouldn’t get a certificate of occupancy. There would need to be multiple exits as well.

OSHA would no doubt have a say in how the slave labor was paid and treated. And I imagine that the Pharoah would have to pay into Social Security, as well.

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OSHA would rip them apart so much that the resulting Pharao statue would look like a piece of modern art.

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We thank you for your application to build a Great Pyramid on desert land west of the River Nile. Unfortunately, your application has been rejected on the following grounds.

1. The plans as submitted would adversely affect a pristine desert area whose sand dunes are subject to environmental protection orders and must not be disturbed.
2. The building requires new and untested construction techniques raising doubts over its practicality.
3. The project’s budget is 75% of the country’s entire GNP over the next 20 years. This is excessive and cost overruns could bankrupt the nation.
4. Insufficient consideration has been given to health and safety aspects of construction which range from inhalation of rock dust to the dangers of injury and death when slaves are forced to shift huge slabs of stone.
5. Lack of windows. In a structure of over a million square feet there is not a single window. This is in clear violation of the Building Regulations.
6. The proposal to place a curse upon the completed structure renders the entire project illegal.

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As with all permits, it just depends who is applying for it. If they are x% more important to the careers/wallets of the officials in charge than those negatively affected by the project, the build could absolutely go forward.

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“The Line,” is currently under construction in Saudi Arabia…

If anyone is unaware of this, they should check it out. You’ll know about it eventually anyways…

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Inadequate number of windows, only 1 way in/out, no utilities, no handicap accessibility, booby traps => REJECT !!!

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