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Rock Band 2 question?

Asked by TrenchantWit (290points) September 23rd, 2008

what are the new notes on guitar mode? they look like the energy capsules from mega man. do they do anything different point wise?

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Weird, I haven’t noticed the new notes. There are the normal notes, overdrive notes, and hammer-on notes. Are they normal, white, or a bit smaller? If normal, they do nothing. If white, if you play them all perfectly you get more overdrive power. If a bit smaller and funky looking, they are hammer-on notes.

With the hammer-on notes, as long as you hit the first normal looking note, you don’t have to strum to play the hammer-on. You just have to hit the right color key. Of course, you can also strum it. Our general strategy is to try to hit every other one with a strum so that in case we miss one it won’t be a disaster.

All of those were in Rock Band 1 though, so unless you give a better description or link to a picture, I’m not sure my answer is helpful.

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@empress thanks you! i was wondering about the hammer-on notes, never realized they we’re in the OG Rock Band.

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EmpressPixie, thats awesome, I also was unaware of the hammer-on notes, I jam on rock band 1 almost every day, but then agian I’m a drummer.

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