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Where can I buy a xbox 360 wired controller adapter?

Asked by fortris (683points) June 25th, 2008

The adapter being the thing that converts the circle-shaped plug into a usb plug. Where can I just buy that part?

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@waterskier2007 Then don’t answer.

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You should contact Xbox support. I don’t believe you can buy the individual part at any retail store, but you can order it from them. Ebay is actually a fairly reasonable suggestion too, in order to get it cheaply.

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i was recommending that you check ebay, wow

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After you recommended something, you don’t put “I don’t know” after it.

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yeah, i do because idk if its on there but it might be worthwhile checking

and yeah richardhenry knows whats up

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See, THATS the answer you should’ve put.

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alright, my apologies

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what are all these comments that were removed?

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