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Is this seriously something that somebody could call the police over?

Asked by LifeQuestioner (2557points) 1 week ago

I’ll try to be brief. I live in an apartment building with people who are so trifling you wouldn’t believe it. Several weeks ago I had a package stolen from in front of my door. I know I have been delivered because it was from Amazon and they had taken a picture that clearly showed my little door hanger, but when I got home the package wasn’t there.

Yesterday I was expecting a delivery and when I got home from work, there was a package sitting pretty much right between my door and my neighbor’s door and it was about the size of what I had ordered. So when I came up the stairs I just picked up the package a moment to read the label and make sure it didn’t belong to me. Well my neighbor wasn’t home but she has a ring camera, so apparently she had a hissy fit and called the rental office to complain that I had picked up her package. Mind you, if she had actually been watching in the ring camera, she would have known that I put it right back down as soon as I saw it it wasn’t mine.

The rental office called me and I explained the situation and they said they would call and talk to her. I believe them when they said they were going to call her. So today I went downstairs because I thought I heard the mailman come. And while I’m getting my mail one flight down, I hear somebody talking to me through the ring camera. Well I don’t do that, so I just basically ignored it until I came back up the stairs. And then she was still saying things to me and being really rude because I hadn’t responded to her.

I told her that if she wanted to come out of her apartment and actually have a conversation with me I’d be willing to do that, but that I wasn’t going to talk through the intercom. Well it turns out she wasn’t home and then she said I came to knock on your door yesterday but you didn’t answer. (Somebody you should tell this lady that I’m not obligated to come to the door just because she’s knocking, plus I was probably sleeping at the time.)

Anyway, I asked her if the rental office had talked to her a second time after she had called them and she claimed they hadn’t called. Now I seriously don’t think that’s the case, and I’m sure she has voicemail, but whatever. so I explained that I had just picked up her package to check the label and make sure it wasn’t mine and she proceeded to go on about don’t touch any of my stuff and if it’s sitting on my doorstep, blah blah blah. And I explained to her that I could have just looked at it but with my eyesight I have to get fairly up close. But I said, no worries, if that situation ever arises again, I will simply pull out my phone and take a picture of the label without even getting very close because then I can zoom in. She told me if I took a picture of her package, she was going to call the police. I thought that was pretty funny because I’m pretty sure that’s not illegal. And when I pointed that out, she then stated that if I took a picture of her package, it was going to be a huge problem. Now I’m sitting here debating whether to call the police because that’s a threat.

But what the heck is up with some people?!?

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To you have a TL;DR summary?

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Police will never come if you don’t abscond with her package.

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@Jeruba I’m sorry, I don’t know what that is. Thanks, @RocketGuy. I didn’t think so either, but I’m still really unhappy about her making threats about what’s going to happen. And although I’ve been bucking against the idea for a while, I think I am going to end up springing for a ring camera myself, because unfortunately, I cannot trust the people in my building, and especially my neighbor.

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She sounds nuts! (And TL:DR means too long/didn’t read. FWIW (for what it’s worth.)

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@Jeruba oh, thanks for explaining. I’ll try to be very brief. And yes, I think she is nuts. Basically she’s telling me that I’m not allowed to look at a package that might be sitting somewhat between my door and hers because if it’s her package I’m not to touch it. Nor am I to take a picture of the label with my phone so I can look at it or it will be a “huge problem.”

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I read your post. No worries on length to get details fully.
She is batty. Just stay away from her, her door, her packages, her bat SH#*t thoughts.
I hope you contacted Amazon and or the carrier and got your item eventually.
The world is full of them. Don’t stoop to their low level.
And NO, the police have nothing to bother you about.

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@LifeQuestioner That was me.

And I agree with Forever, I read it all.

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Thanks, all! Of course it would be a holiday weekend. I had problems with other people who no longer live in the building last summer when I first moved in. Didn’t know me from anybody and they already were trying to start trouble from almost day one. Apparently we can’t have any same people living in the building besides me. Anyway, there won’t be anybody at the rental office until Tuesday, but then I intend to continue the conversation with them.

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Have them deliver at a friends house or possibly your work location in future.

Watch your back.

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@KNOWITALL the only problem is that won’t work for my particular needs. One of the reasons why I get a lot of things delivered, aside from the fact that items are so much cheaper on Amazon, is that I have a bad back and a heart condition. So having something delivered to our hub at our rental office or to my work address, wouldn’t work because then I would have a lot of trouble getting it into my car, out of my car and then up the steps.

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Yes, police have been called for less than that. But I wouldn’t worry about getting hauled off to jail unless you were stealing packages.

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According to my Amazon delivery driver, Amazon will make it good even if it was stolen. You can go to your order page & report it as never received. A message pops up saying to wait 24 hours to verify that it didn’t show up late. Wait until the next day & request a call from customer service. You will receive a computer call asking you if you ever found your package. Respond No. Then it will ask if you want a refund or replace. Respond replace. Then 2–3 days later you should have your replacement. Now I don’t know how many times they will do this before telling you that you need to do something more secure but this might be the only time it happens. With your crazy neighbor, I’d consider her a prime suspect!!! If it happens again anytime soon, it might be worth buying your own Ring so you can see who is taking them. You could probably get the maintenance man to install it for you.

As far as the police go, I’d not call them over this. They will consider it more of a domestic dispute & won’t do anything about it. If you have Ring footage, the police still won’t do anything unless it’s a high dollar item. Still, the rental office should take care of it for you once you know for sure who is doing it. I have read of people being kicked out of their apartment for stealing packages. If they’ll do it to you, they’re most likely doing it throughout the complex.

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If she did call the police, and if they did come, they’d look at the Ring doorbell footage and they’d ask her if there was any damage to the package, and she’d have to say no, and that should be the end of it. It is crazy, though, that she is threatening that, allthough it may be an empty threat (meaning she wouldn’t ever actually do it but she’s trying to scare you).

It’s a shame when you have neighbors who are awful and can’t be trusted, and/or are just batshit crazy.

Unless you’re getting huge, bulky or heavy packages, you might take the advice from another person here and have the packages delivered elsewhere. That way, you don’t see the neighbor and don’t have to deal with her.

When you talk to people at the rental office, get their names and keep track (maybe keep a log or journal) of the dates you spoke to them and who you spoke to, so if there’s ever any trouble you can say who you dealt with and what was said or done, with the dates.

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Get a Ring of your own and tell her if she touches a package that turns out to be yours you’ll call the cops on her. The nerve of that b@&ch! Lol Yeah, petty and just for kicks.

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@mazingerz88 I thought of getting a ring doorbell, but I really don’t feel like putting out the money. I know that Amazon will replace any packages that don’t end up showing up. And I just feel like I don’t want to go down that road where I have to be so paranoid. I know that’s the kind of society we live in nowadays, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

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@LifeQuestioner I’m with you on that.

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You’re allowed to take pictures/film videos in public as long as there isn’t a reasonable expectation of privacy (e.g. a public restroom). I am not a lawyer. Also, don’t call the cops on her for threatening to call the cops on you. They have important work to do. If she calls the cops on you for taking photos of her packages, the police will set her straight.

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If you thought your neighbour’s package might be yours perhaps your neighbour thought your package might be hers and took it in by mistake. I can’t explain why she would then keep it. You could ask her to check the camera footage to see what actually happened. I’d be curious as to how she’d respond.

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@flutherother it was several weeks ago that my package was stolen, and I’ve already had it replaced. At any rate, I knew when it happened that I could have asked her but she’s always so standoffish to me that I didn’t feel like bothering.

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If you have problems with missing deliveries again, try using Amazon Lockers. They are pretty convenient.

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If I couldn’t straighten out the neighbor’s perspective myself, or with the help of the landlord, I actually would call the police non-emergency line for my local precinct, and calmly let them know what happened, and ask them to make a note about it.

That way, hopefully, if/when she might call them, they might notice that this person is kooky in this way.

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@RocketGuy thanks for the suggestion, but I had explained in a higher post why that doesn’t work for me because when I order heavier things, I can’t get them up the steps, which is why I do delivery to my door.

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The lady sounds like a bitch, who will simply always be a problem. I’m roughly guessing that she has been mad at you for other things you don’t even know about.
I would personally handle thos differently, but I’ll tell you what you could try. I recommend that YOU call the police. Not 911. Your actual local cops.
Just to document that the lady is exhibiting threatening behavior. That way ,when (not if,) she calls the cops, you at least reported her first. It seems stupid, and it is. But. You may as well start putting her on record for possible harassment.
The cops will likely stop by, and try to talk you two through it. But no, as long as your story is true, you are in no danger.
Messing with mailboxes IS illegal. It’s a federal issue.
I managed to get out of law enforcement before this type of thing was SO common, but it’s surely a frequent issue with some typical strategies in how to work it out.

Good luck.

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