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What is the difference between an extroverted, and introverted class clown?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24147points) 2 months ago

Do introverted class clowns exist?

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I think that the introverted class clown has a subtle droll and sarcastic humor. That was me.

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Concepts like that don’t exist, except as concepts.

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One is motivated inwardly and the other is a “oh oh look at me” type.
Inward one test themselves out on a small group or individual.
Extroverts thrive on the adrenaline of being the center.

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I really don’t see how an introvert could be dubbed the class clown.

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^^ Yeah, kind of an oxymoron.

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~ @smudges You called me a ‘what’ now? Billie Mays is the real oximoron.

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^^ LOL

Hmmm…don’t know who Billie Mays is. Oh wait…looked him up and he was a big promotor on TV, promoted Oxiclean among others. Yup, an oximoron!

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