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What's the best free alternative chatbot to ChatGPT?

Asked by luigirovatti (2776points) 1 week ago

I mean completely free, not free trials, or limited word count.

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There are no completely free alternatives as far as I know. It costs a fortune to develop and train the AI and then running the servers requires a team of sys-admin and security personnel, as well as beefy hardware and bandwidth. It’s not possible to sustain a business like that for free.

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ChatGPT is free as is Microsoft Bing. There is no telling how much longer that will be true. Microsoft Edge has a pointer to Bing at the top of its right sidebar.

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I briefly tried “freedom gpt”, which you can run locally on your PC, but it sucked arse. It was about as bad as a first generation chat bot from 20 years ago.

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ChatGPT 3.5 is free though, and there’s no limits on anything I can tell.

There’s also Google’s Bard AI, which also appears to be free.

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I use Chat GPT to help me with Dungeons and Dragons NPCs and monsters.

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