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If you were born in the 60’s or 70’s, will you tell us about your grandparents?

Asked by JLeslie (65505points) September 11th, 2023 from iPhone

Were your grandparents politically liberal or conservative or somewhere in-between or not at all?

What level education did they have?

Did you know a lot about the work they did or their professions? Did they work while you knew them?

Did you relate to them?

Did they immigrate to a new country during their lifetime? Where were they from and did their story influence you?

From your view, did they look old at a young age compared to people today?

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My grandfather and grandmother both graduated hs, no college. Gpa was a journeyman bricklayer, gma was a housewife.
He also ran our hobby farm before and after his day job.

Politically they tended conservative and were very interested in politics. To the degree we got the US budget and examined yearly as a family. My gma legislated for childrens issues as does my uncle still today. Most of my aunts and uncles were more liberal, went to college and had/have successful careers. All were politically active to some degree.

Gpa’s family were from Arkansas and he was a typical excessively friendly man, outgoing, charming, loved kids and animals.
Gma was local, raised dirt poor and was always very thankful for her husband, home and family.
They both worked very hard to be comforyable and raised all of us to do the same. Yes they did appear older, from outdoor work and a hard life. Neither was overweight and they were both very strong mentally and physically.

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One grandfather and both grandmothers died before I was aware of such things. The last grandfather I had made it through 8th grade and then had to go to work. He worked for a long time with the railroad. He retired from there before I came along. He had 100 acres (or so) outside of Atlanta where he had a gentleman’s farm. He raised fruits and vegetables that he sold at a roadside stand for extra money. He lived a very basic lifestyle. He had a house that did not have any furnace or AC and the only running water was the kitchen sink. He worked when he had to and enjoyed time with family and with himself.

He tended to be socially conservative but was a Democrat. He was not very outspoken when it came to politics.

He always looked older than I what I expect today. But he also worked outside most of his life so it isn’t really unexpected.

I enjoyed my time with him. He died when I was 18 yo. but I remember spending quite a few summers with him (and granny when she was still alive).

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My grandfather was from the south and my grandmother was from NJ. My grandfather worked in a sugar refinery and he was the shift foreman. He worked swing shifts so he might be home all weekend, or he might be working in the day time or at night. When I was little, he retired after working in the same place for 45 years. After he retired, he did gardening and fixing stuff up around the house. He and my grandmother lived in a big Victorian house which was built in the late 1800’s. The house was beautiful and was really like a part of the family. I get sad when I think about how it was sold after the two of them died, and now it’s been altered when it used to have pristine woodwork and gorgeous huge stained glass windows.

My grandmother did not work and she didn’t drive (which was not uncommon in those days). She was very maternal and nurturing to me and to her other two grandchildren. She was always cooking and baking and sewing. She knew how to embroider and crochet and knit and all those things. She could also upholster furniture, which I really wish I learned from her. She didn’t use recipes for a lot of things, and she tried to teach me how to bake. She used to take me and some of the neighborhood kids to NYC and shows at Radio City and museums and all kinds of things like that. She treated the neighborhood kids, who were friends of the family, like they were her own. She also used to go to a local area and rake it and it later became a park. Before she used to rake it, it was nothing but overgrown weeds. She used to read to me and I credit her with my love of reading and my love of books. We’d lay in bed and she would read me stories and teach me the words. She’d also recite nursery rhymes and she’d sing little songs to me.

My grandfather’s job put their three daughters through college – they all had college degrees. Politically, he was a Republican. He had the attitude of, you don’t look for a handout unless you’re disabled. You go to work and do your best to support yourself and your family. He invested in the stock market at a time when most Americans didn’t. He’d read the New York Times every day and he’d look at the stock prices in the back of the Times.

Politically, I don’t know what my grandmother was because she never talked about politics, at least not that I can remember. My grandmother died when I was 14 and my grandfather died when I was 30.

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