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Just to lighten things up, what other colors should we suggest that Zelenskyy wear besides olive green?

Asked by janbb (62784points) September 22nd, 2023

And who do you think does his shopping?

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Chartreuse? If you want to stick with greenish color.

Anything but black or brown. Ugh.

I know: fuchsia.

Anything with sequins.

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Sky Blue and Sunflower Yellow, same as the flag. He would be camouflaged when visiting a farm.

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I think he should wear fall colors. Oranges, yellows, browns and some greens. But he should brighten up his wardrobe, for sure.

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Neon fluorescent green.
So he will blend in a few from now.

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A castoff Elton John outfit.

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I like that he wears the colors his constituents who are fighting need to wear without being in full military garb.

Sorry to not be lighthearted in my answer, but I think he is to be commended for wearing plain green and brown.

I hope the war ends soon and he can wear bright blue and yellow with feathers on for all I care to celebrate.

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Anything lighter than drab olive green would be inappropriate at the moment. Zelenskyy isn’t naturally a sombre guy, after all he used to make his living as a comedian. When all this is finally over, hopefully in the way I would like it to be over, I’m sure he could design a joyous costume of blue and gold, the national colours of Ukraine.

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