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Now that Rupert Murdoch has retired and his son Lachlan is taking over, will Fox News be any less odious?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32912points) 2 months ago

How much of the cozying up with republicans and Trump in particular was Rupert’s doing?

Will the younger Murdoch make changes to the network to make it less repulsive?

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I doubt it. Lachlan will stay on coarse.

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I think he’s cut from the same cloth.

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I very much doubt it.

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I heard he is the more fanatic of the children. I guess he’ll stay with the current modus operandi. I also heard when Murdoch dies all four children inherit equal shares of the company, which is interesting.

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I think he should have a silk suit tailored from a pride flag. Perfect!

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No. If you were paying attention, when Fox News split from Fox Media they took a noticeable turn toward the center, some would say even to the left. This was brief, perhaps a few weeks. Ratings went down, and they returned to their former hard right position. They know their audience.

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^^In other words mostly money and ratings and no real integrity, which I think most people hope NEWS has some integrity.

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Well, CNN is the other hand that panders to the left-wing for…ratings. ABC, NBC…. ratings. Mainstream news is Shit.

I like Reuters.

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@Blackwater_Park I think MSNBC is way more left than CNN, I never understood the Republican attack on CNN when MSNBC was more of a left wing machine during the Trump years. Both shifted more towards the center again and seem to be sticking there. CNN is more straight news, while MSNBC still has a ton of opinion.

Fox is the channel calling it NEWS. It’s in their name.

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Fox News is a business that makes money from telling people what they want to hear. I don’t see that business model changing as it has been so successful monetarily. It is an entertainment channel rather than a news channel and all that keeps its lies in check are the courts. Any integrity Lachlan possesses will have come down from his father which I expect will be almost none at all.

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From what I’ve read, Lachlan makes Rupert look like a teddy bear, so it is expected for things to grow WORSE!!!

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