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Would anyone like to remember the great Brooks Robinson?

Asked by Love_my_doggie (12858points) 2 months ago

I guess this question is directed at baseball fans, although Brooks was known beyond that world.

For anyone unfamilar, he was a uniquely-talented player, the greatest third baseman in the history of the game. He played 23 seasons with the Baltimore Orioles, a record for years spent with a single team (he shares the record with Carl Yastrzemski, Red Sox). He did TV play-by-play for some years.

He was always known for being a kindly, decent man who made friends and helped people throughout all aspects of his life. We’ve lost a good person and iconic sports figure.

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He was always known for being a kindly, decent man who made friends and helped people throughout all aspects of his life.

I didn’t know of him, but what you wrote above is enough to wish him well on his new travels. RIP

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I used to go to see the A’s play in Oakland. My favorite team to see them play was Baltimore. The reason was the Bay Area didn’t have a lot of transplanted Baltimore natives, so I could get a better seat.
Brooks was a legend even then.

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we used to hate him. I grew up as an Indians fan, and every time we played Baltimore, Brooks Robinson hit a HR (or triple, or whatever) and beat us.

One heck of player, even if he played for the enemy.

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I was in awe of his play. I grew up playing and loving baseball. He was always one to watch.
His range at 3rd was amazing with cat like reflexes. His throws across the diamond when he snagged a ball and threw from left of the bag were equally stunning. Arguably the best defensive third baseman the game has ever seen

He was Gold Glove at 3rd for 16 straight years from 60–75. The most of any position player.
They didn’t call him “the Human Vacuum Cleaner” or “Hoover” for no reason.

R.I.P. Mr. Hoover

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@Forever Free. Yesterday and today, I’m wearing my “human vacuum cleaner” t-shirt, to honor Brooks’ memory. On the shirt’s back, it says “Robinson 5.” Nothing got past him at third base, the infield’s hot corner where plays happen quickly.

I had the pleasure of meeting Brooks (I called him “Mr. Robinson”). I have a marvelous, framed photo of him and me. But, the photo also includes my then-boyfriend, who didn’t become my husband, so it’s tucked-away in a box. Husband isn’t the jealous type, yet I don’t think he wants to look at reminders of my dating life before him!

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He was slightly before my time, but he was one of the best.

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@Love_my_doggie Woooo. A framed photo with the Man!

Photo shop that other guy out!

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I’m a Baltimore Oriole fan, but I came around long after Brooks was retired. But I remember hearing so many stories from my mom about him and Frank Robinson, Boog Powell, etc. And from what I knew of him in my era, he was just a great guy!

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^^^ @LifeQuestioner Greetings from the DMV! You must be so happy about #100 and the clinch.

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@Love_my_doggie you can’t even imagine! When we got the last out in that game, tears literally came to my eyes!

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