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How often are beavers slain by the very trees they fell?

Asked by ragingloli (51739points) 2 months ago

As a percentage.

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I haven’t been out there with them to count lately. ;) I would guess rarely.

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I’m stumped. Tell us.

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^^^^^^^ I see what you did ! ^^^^^^^

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100% per John Jacob Astor.

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It’s not 100%, my guess is that it’s fewer than loggers..

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Serious answer: NEVER. Trees, when they fall, first emit a cracking noise as the wood and bark stretches and breaks. Then, as the tree falls, there is a whoosh as the tree turns from a 90 degree angle downwards.

Finally, the tree’s branches and leaves hit other tree branches on the way down, making noise.

The beaver will begin to act with the first cracking of the bark, and has ample time to get away and not be affected.

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I am in the NEVER choice. They just pull their little tooth face away and watch it fall.

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