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If one were to goad Elon Musk into being a passenger on his next "starship" launch, by appealing to his inflated ego, and he dies in the resulting explosion, could you be charged with a crime?

Asked by ragingloli (51958points) October 1st, 2023

You could tell him that the only reason he does not climb into his own rocket, is that he knows it is all a scam to steal money from investors and the taxpayers.

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No, the choice to enter the starship is his.

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No. Only if it was proven that you sabotaged the craft to explode.

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Yes in the states you can sue anyone for anything. Even if there are too many O’s in your Cheerios.

However you mentioned charged, and I agree with @elbanditoroso

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Sounds like you just publicly goaded him. Now we wait and see.

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