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When do you feel your age?

Asked by tinyfaery (44035points) September 24th, 2008

I feel my age when I am checking off age boxes. I keep having to go further and further down the list.

How about you?

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Sometimes I feel much older than I am!! I have too many aches and pains. On the weekends, I feel younger, and want to do fun things, but my body reminds me I can’t do them anymore. During the day at work, I think I feel right on target tho.

I saw this saying somewhere: Old age is when your brain makes a promise that your body can no longer keep. That’s me!

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When I was 30 something and went back to university.

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I still get to use the 24–36 box, so that’s not too bad, but when you hear covers of songs you liked as a teenager or see fashion ‘reruns’ – and you’re still cringing at the first time you wore the stuff – that’s when it hits!

Of course, after a good night out or a productive day in the garden, I do feel like a retirement home…

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Never, I more often than not feel much older than 22.

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Physically, pretty much all the time. Mentally, never.

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When I start looking through my cd collection…

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I hate those drop down boxes in surveys. I am almost ready to bump our of the 41–49 category. I wonder how I will feel when I have to punch the 50–59 button? I guess I’ll feel like the youngest in the category!

I feel tremendous and do not feel 49, or at least what I perceived I would feel like at 49. Aging has been good. Few wrinkles, still a nice figure, and only a few minor medical problems. Things are good on this end of 40–49.

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I always find it amusing when somebody says they feel older then they are.
“Boy, I feel like I’m eighty.”
Now what’s your basis for comparison? How will you feel when you are eighty? Why, eighty, of course. How could you say otherwise? Of course then that person will say “I feel like I’m 100.”

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AC, I’m one of those people! I feel positively ancient most of the time…it sucks.

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When and if I make it to 80, I will probably feel dead!!

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@Scamp; if the members of my family are any example, there’s a lot of good living after 79. My grandfather (the rakish one) went to Europe solo when he was 80. We found a picture of him looking very dandy and standing next to a young pretty woman. She was clearly NOT my grandmother; grandpa alleged that she was his “niece from Frankfurt.”

My mother had a terrific ride until she hit 90.

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@Gailcalled – i was trying to give you a GA and it did not work – will have to try again.
I hapen to love my age:56. I think I was intended for this age and have just now hit it. Sometimes I feel younger than 56, worry about little insignificant things, and than remember. Well, I AM 56, who cares!!!!

I truly do not know about 80 but am hoping to find out.

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when i stand up I feel 100, due to early onset arthritis. Otherwise, I’m 19 most of the time.
Mentally, that is.

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When I have to think back to how long ago high school was. Or college. I always acted older, but like to hang out with mature young people so… take that for what it is. But I always think high school or middle school basically just happened, but they were like 10 years ago now. And I feel old.

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i acted older then as well. Now I act younger. Go figure.

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When my 15-year-old looks at me and tells me that her dad and I need to get a room and stop canoodling on the couch.

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I’m 20 (21 soon.. on Dec. 22) and I feel 20 every single day. I’m young, happy, energetic. I love hanging out with my friends. I love my family (for the most part..:p). I have a good time and I enjoy life. I definitely feel 20.

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I think of myself as middle-aged but others often make me feel older. For example I can tell some see me as old now as a few people keep telling me how good I look.
What really sucks is I remember when I was younger and my age and waist size were the same. The bad thing is they still are.

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love it, astrochuck!

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I was at Barnes & Noble in the music section and picked out a CD I had been looking for. As I checked out, the pimply faced cashier looked at me and said “Never too old for some Nine Inch Nails, huh?”.


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Oh. Not cool. Since when is NIN a young person’s band? Trent has been making music since I was in high school, and that was longer ago than I care to admit.

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When I work at a new place and mention something I like and someone says “whats that?”

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I worked in a medical office, and we had a patient who would tell us that you’re as old as the one you feel…

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When my 3 yr old son is mad and calls me either:

a) A mean old woman
b) A nasty old hag

Not feeling young, nor like a good mom at those moments.

I can hardly help from laughing my butt off when he lets it slip out.
we read all ORIGINAL fairy tales to him, THUS the language he’s picked up

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quick, someone call child protective services, Spatzie is reading her kiddiwink fairy tales that aren’t PC!!

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@tanti you have my permission to tell them I even read the word ass outloud, and he actually believes it’s a donkey

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@needle when I was your age, sonny, i never felt it either ;~)

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How does someone feel an age, anyway?

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@ needle just wait 10–20yrs..have a kid or two, then come back here and read this. you’ll understand then.

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yerterday i cut my hair really short. I do that because i dont like to. anyways, i recently went to the bathroom and looked at myself at the mirror washing my hands and the gray hairs in the sides of my forehead reeeeeeeeally start to show…. :D

…but i’m still buying toys

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I still buy toys!!!! I hope I’ll always buy toys…but I may forget why I bought them.

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I feel old every time I see someone playing a game like Halo 2 (3?) etc. and think “I used to play Pong on Atari, that was fun…”

Today I told the kids at work that I saw the original Star Wars at the drive-in when it first came out. They looked at me like I was god (or a ghost) and explained that it was actually called Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope.

Like I give a crap. It just said “Star Wars” on my baseball tee, with a picture of Luke hugging Leia and holding a lightsaber aloft.

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Pong on Atari was awesome!

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@knotmyday – Starwars was the first movie I ever saw at a drive in.

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i feel old anytime I go to a concert….almost died in a mosh pit at Warped Tour…

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boop, wall. boop, wall.boop. wall…point!

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Asm: I could play that stuff for hours!
Hmmm…that probably says something about me.

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when i need to ask a kid how to turn on the tv because i can’t figure out the remotes.

when i hear about some group that kids like and i have no clue what they’re talking about.

when i hear a song on the radio that was from my high school years and the DJ says the song is 25 years old.

when, now during the election time, i think back to all the presidents that i’ve lived through: nixon, ford, carter, reagan, bush, clinton, bush. i think about the carter years (when i was an adolescent), seeing the helicopter leaving vietnam with the people hanging off it on the news (when i was about 6 or 7), seeing nixon on the news.

when i think about how it was not that long ago when there were no personal computers, when i was little, most people did not have answering machines, there were no VCR’s, there was no caller ID, no cell phones, phones were dialed and had cords.

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When a lot of the new music out now starts sounding the same to me.

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Welcome to my world.

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Yesterday! When reminded that I’m now 1/3 of a century – which is bound to be well more than 1/3 of my lifetime….

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Almost everyday, at one point or another.

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After splitting a cord of firewood I feel positively elderly.

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