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How come almost every question I look at...

Asked by MrMontpetit (1838points) September 24th, 2008

all of the answers are “GA“s?

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People are just being Lurve whores.

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Examples please.

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Because you have astonishing good taste and are only looking at the interesting questions that provoke great answers.

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wierd. but than again i give out lurve to something that i agree on slightly or that makes me laugh sometimes

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I’m not answering, because I know this answer won’t get no lurve!

Oops. I did answer. I did! I did!

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Lurve should be limited, so people would give it out more carefully, and we should be able to take it away too, if the user pisses us off.

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@Celeste00, huh. Are you into lurve-hate relationships?

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@robmandu is there any other kind?

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[mod says]: Maybe because a user whose name starts with MrM and ends with ontpetit goes on lurve binges and gives GA’s to everyone in the discussion?

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@andrew oh…. snap!

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buwahahahahahahahahahahah! Snap, indeed!

Lurvin’ it when the g/mods come out to play!

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Yes, it’s getting a little ridiculous.
Is there such thing as Lurve Inflation?
I think it’s starting to be worth less.

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Well considering how many people use Fluther, and how different we all are, chances are that someone somewhere will like the answer.

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Very true. More users will probably amount to more Lurve.
But I think the way that Lurve is being used is changing too.

It’s not just for great answers anymore? Which isn’t bad per se.
But kind of useless if you’re just popping in to find an answer.

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…or have narcisistic aliases, Andrew.

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I want some lurve! :(

And love….must mostly lurve!!!

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Seems to me that lurve encourages folks. It tells them what others appreciate. I think more lurve should be given out, not less. It’s not something that should be hoarded. Appreciation is something there can never be too much of. Take it from someone who never believes he deserves any appreciation, in part, because he got none growing up.

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I just noticed something.
The little “thank so-and-so” button is gone.

Did that add to the extra lurve?
Are people using it as a thank you?

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@Nimis, I believe it’s only visible on question that you have asked.

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Oh, how silly of me.

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Maybe we need an “adequate answer” box also.

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